Puberty can be a difficult time to navigate for any child. But when it comes to puberty in girls, the hormonal changes can lead to a variety of unpleasant and even embarrassing symptoms. Because these hormonal changes are normal, they aren’t something we can really ‘fix’. But there are still ways you can support your daughter to ease the transition and keep her as healthy as possible. 

In this week’s podcast episode I aim to help you understand what is normal as girls go through puberty. I will be discussing:

  • When puberty commences in girls and the most typical order of development;
  • How you can recognise puberty in your daughter;
  • What’s normal in the first two years of a girl’s menstrual cycle;
  • The hormone changes that occur during puberty, and the result of these changes on the body;

I also discuss how to support your daughter through puberty by:

  • What to expect during puberty for girls, including cycles, moods, and feelings; 
  • Supporting their liver and gut health and why it plays an important role;
  • The three essential nutrients to help support the transition through puberty; which calm the nervous system, support happy and healthy brain chemicals, reduce period pain and support hormone balance;
  • Lastly, what period symptoms warrant the elimination of dairy. 

This week’s podcast is the first of a two-part series on supporting your child through puberty. Next week I will be discussing supporting boys during puberty. 

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Our Gut health ebook is a great place to start to get extra information to nourish your teens gut to support healthy liver detoxification.

Is your teen is struggling with the changes of puberty? We can offer personalised support and advice to help ease the changes with a consultation with our naturopath Sarah.
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Podcast Episode 18 – Is Dairy a problem for your child?