This week’s podcast focuses on understanding and supporting your teenagers’ mood. Whether that’s expressed as anger, sadness, frustration, or even aggression – as parents it’s important to understand that mood issues are a normal part of teen development.

In this podcast episode, I discuss the causes of imbalances related to mood changes, including

  • Changes that occur in the teenage brain and how that affects their mood and behaviour;
  • Neurotransmitters and why teenagers are seeking out dopamine rewarding experiences such as eating too much junk food, excessive social media use, gaming, alcohol, drug use.
  • The role of social development on a teenager’s mood.

I also go over how you can support your teenagers to have a healthy, balanced mood by focusing on:

  • The importance of sleep, and what role sleep plays in mood changes;
  • Stress and how that affects mood and behaviour. Plus how we can support our teen’s stress response;
  • The role food has on mood and the changes we can make to nourish our teenagers well to support their mood;
  • The role the gut plays, and the 4 most important nutrients that you might consider supplementing in your teenage children. 

This episode is part two of our podcast series focusing on teenagers. Next week I will be chatting about supporting puberty in girls and the following week will be all about supporting puberty in boys.

Episode Links:
Our Gut health ebook is a great place to start to get extra information to nourish your teens gut to support a healthy mood.

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