In this week’s podcast episode I teach you how to become a poo detective. Yes, you read that right. A Poo Detective. You might be thinking, ‘Why would I want to do that?’. Well, inspecting your kids’ poop is a great way of uncovering what’s going on internally for your child.

As a naturopath, I love the subject of poo because it offers a glimpse into the inner workings of our kid’s bodies and empowers us to learn more about what’s going on within our bodies.

In this episode I will be:  

  • Walking you through the Bristol Stool Chart; a medical tool used to assess our stool).
  • Explaining how the Bristol Stool Chart is a great tool to talk to your kids about so they can learn to recognise early symptoms by inspecting their poo. Symptoms such as dehydration, lack of fibre, gastrointestinal infection/imbalance.

We will also talk through the different “Types” on the Bristol Stool Chart:

  • Type 4 being the ideal type of poo. 
  • Type 1 – Type 3 helps us recognise dehydration or lack of fibre, and potentially a lack of elimination which may be indicating that toxins are being reabsorbed in the body.
  • Types 5 – 7 indicate that the bowel is moving too quickly, which results in poor nutrient absorption. It may also indicate an infection, imbalance, or intolerance. 
  • I also chat about what your kids poo colour means, including undigested food, dark stool, green or yellow stool or if your child’s poo contains blood or mucus. 

No matter what you detect in your child’s poo, our upcoming free online masterclass – 3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Transform Your Kids Gut Health to improve behaviour, immunity, allergies, and fussy eating will be able to guide you.  

The Masterclass will run via two live sessions:
Tuesday 26th Oct – Morning Session
Wednesday 27th October – Evening Session.

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Episode Links:

  • Bristol Stool Chart Infographic

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