What does itchy skin have to do with the gut?

Actually, quite a lot!

In this podcast episode, I will be discussing the link between eczema and gut health. There are many topical options for managing eczema, including steroid creams and herb-based creams. But these don’t address the underlying causes of eczema. The main causes of eczema are actually found inside the body – particularly the gut.

In this episode we talk about:

  • the two gut imbalances that lead to eczema in your children
  • eczema and dysbiosis – how an imbalance in the gut bacteria can lead to inflammation throughout the body, including the skin
  • how leaky gut contributes to eczema and allergies in kids
  • how the gut can be a major source of  inflammation which can lead to eczema

This episode is part two of our two-part podcast series about Eczema. Be sure to listen to Episode 38 where I discuss the causes and natural solutions to eczema. 

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