This week on the podcast we are focusing on the importance of rest for Mums. From my work as a Naturopath and my own personal experience, I truly believe that rest is the one key element of our overall health and wellbeing.

Even though it doesn’t come naturally to me, as I know it doesn’t to a lot of other women in our audience. Prioritising time to rest is something that I’ve been committing to more this year. During this episode we cover:

  • Why rest has so many benefits for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • The physical benefits of rest, and how it can positively impact your adrenal function, hormone balance, immune and digestive systems, weight and so much more.
  • The benefits of rest and the impact it has on your mental health.
  • How rest is the best antidote to our stressful, busy lives.
  • How rest can help with conditions and symptoms of anxiety, overwhelm, irritability, and mental health in general.
  • The benefits of rest on our emotional and spiritual wellbeing include the opportunity to really feel and process our emotions, rather than avoid them. This allows us to go inward and tune into ourselves for the answers that we are looking for, rather than searching for them externally. The upside to this leads to a feeling of deep joy and peace.
  • Lastly, I will talk you through my 4 action steps on incorporating more rest into your daily life as a Mum.

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Episode Links:

  • If this episode resonated with you, and you’ve realised that it’s time to make rest and your health a priority, our lovely Naturopath Sarah would love to assist you with strategies on how to get your wellbeing back on track. You can book a consultation with Sarah here.
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