I am loving all of the inspiring women that I have had the honour of interviewing over the last few weeks! If you have missed any of our recent episodes make sure you check them out. 


This week on the podcast I am speaking with the wonderful Amy Taylor-Kabbaz about Matrescence and the journey she has been on over the last decade, to answer the question, ‘What happens to a woman when she becomes a mother?’ .


In this interview Amy shares her story of going from a driven, ambitious successful woman to transitioning into motherhood and how she now realises that every element of herself changed during that transition. 


In this episode Amy talks about:


  • What Matrescence is and what we can do to support the transition into motherhood for ourselves and the women around us. 
  • The comparison of matrescence to adolescence and how we need more conversation, compassion and support around matrescence just like we have around adolescence
  • How matrescence is an ongoing process, so no matter how old your children are or where you are in the motherhood journey this transition is an ongoing process and we need to acknowledge the grief, loss and sadness to be able to step into our best selves as mothers. 
  • The competing devotions and how society really is not set up for us to be the best mothers and have the best careers we can have at the same time. We discuss how we are always making sacrifices in one area which is why it feels like such a juggle, leading us to feel like constant failures and how we can overcome this. 
  • Her practical tips on honouring ourselves through this motherhood journey and the importance of giving ourselves space to explore this transition.


It was so lovely to speak with Amy and I hope that you have as many a-ha moments as I did! Enjoy and share with your network of mama’s, we all need this information! 


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