Do your kids FREAK OUT when there is a new type of food on their plate?


Exposing our kids to a variety of foods regularly helps them to become more comfortable with the food and will lead them to taste, eat and enjoy that food over time.


This is not a short term strategy, it’s a long term strategy and it really is about rebuilding a child’s trust with food and building that relationship with food over time.


In this Episode I talk about practical tips and strategies to help fussy eaters become more comfortable with a variety of foods. 

Join me as I talk about:

  • The importance of family mealtimes and how you can help your child by letting them see you eat a variety of foods.
  • The importance of continuing to serve a food even when a child says that they don’t like it and some different ways that we can do this so that kids don’t freak out when a food they don’t like is on their plate.
  • How food play can help your child become more comfortable with food.
  • Importance of getting your kids involved in the food journey and some different ways that we can do that for toddlers, young children and older kids.

Growing food, shopping for food, preparing and cooking food not only helps with fussy and picky eating but also helps kids to develop really important life skills. There are so many lessons that kids can gain from getting involved in the Kitchen.


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