Feeding picky eaters is one of the most common challenges that parents can face. It can make mealtimes a nightmare, but it can also raise concerns about whether your fussy eater is getting enough nutrients.

In this week’s episode we are focusing on one of my favourite strategies when it comes to fussy eating which is, adding nutrition into the food that your kids already enjoy.

This is important because fussy eaters generally prefer bland carbohydrates and processed foods, which tend to be low in nutrients so fussy eaters can quickly become deficient in essential nutrients.  This becomes a perpetuating problem because these deficiencies can make their fussy eating even worse. 

So we want to focus on getting as much nutrition in as possible and today I am going to be sharing some practical tips on how you can do this including:

  • Ways that you can get more nutrition into your fussy eaters at breakfast, mealtimes and in snacks
  • The importance of starting with foods that your fussy eater already enjoys and building nutrition into those dishes and foods
  • How to get more veggies into the veggie adverse kids and why this is important
  • How you can get more protein into those kids that don’t tend to like meat and other protein sources
  • The importance of making sure that we are giving kids that have sensory issues the texture they prefer when it comes to healthy and wholefoods

Remember, a picky eater doesn’t necessarily hate a particular food in every form. By changing the texture, flavour and/or presentation, you might make them a fan of that food! Most kids won’t like steamed broccoli, but they might enjoy broccoli soup or even dehydrated broccoli chips. When you’re struggling to include a food, ask yourself ‘what else can I try with this ingredient?

I would love to know how you go with the tips above and if they helped. Send me a message via Instagram or Facebook, I would love to hear from you. 


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