In last week’s episode we talked about the basics of feeding kids healthier food. It’s one thing to be aware of what’s best for our kids when it comes to diet and nutrition, but another thing entirely whether our kids will eat the food we serve up to them or not.


So over the next few weeks we will be delving into some fussy eating topics and today we are diving into my number one tip for feeding fussy kids, which is the Division of Responsibility. A term coined by feeding expert Ellyn Satter. 


The Division of Responsibility helps to divide the responsibility of feeding and eating between parents and children. It helps to empower children, which leads to healthier eating habits and it also helps to take the pressure off us as parents.


In this Episode I talk about:

  • What we are responsible for as parents when it comes to feeding our kids
  • What our children are responsible for when it comes to eating
  • The ‘My Kitchen Open, Kitchen Closed’ approach that pairs really well with the Division of Responsibility, so that kids are clear when their next eating time is going to be
  • How serving family style meals can empower kids to make their own decisions and create a positive eating environment and promote a healthy appetite
  • Deconstructed meals and how they can help empower fussy eaters

I hope that this episode has given you some practical strategies to help with your fussy eater!


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