A common issue that comes up with our Natural Super Kids KLUB members and my naturopathic clients is that mums are exhausted and fatigued because their babies are frequently waking through the night.


Sleep is so important and when we have little ones, those early morning waking’s can be so tough. So this week I have brought the lovely Jen from Sleep.Thrive.Grow. Consulting, to talk all about baby and toddler sleep tips. Jen is a mum of three, a registered nurse and she is a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant.
Tune in as Jen walks us through:


  • Her approach to sleep, which focuses on the importance of understanding the baby’s temperament and the parents values and beliefs around sleep.
  • Understanding the sleep-wake needs for their age group and environmental factors can help minimise night waking
  • How you can use awake windows to figure out how much sleep a baby needs
  • How to look at internal and external environmental cues to support your toddler to stay in bed, and being aware of or correcting their sleep clocks when needed.
Supporting parents with sleep is definitely not a one-size-fits-all and Jen strives to give parents and families the individual tools they need to support their children. So if you are in need of a good night’s rest make sure you head on over and check out Jen and her services via the links below.
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