This week’s episode is a little bit different and I am so excited to share this with you!

Today I will be talking to some of the beautiful mums from our Natural Super Kids Klub community – Naomi, Katrina and Celeste.

Tune in as we talk about their health challenges before joining the klub. How the klub helped them with their kids’ nutrition and their families’ overall health.

It was wonderful to hear about their klub journey so far. How being a part of the community has helped them to overcome their health challenges:

  • Naomi joined the KLUB because her children were suffering with rashes and eczema. But she saw huge improvements after using all the tools and resources within the Klub
  • Katrina, who wanted to take a proactive and preventative approach to her kids’ health
  • Celeste and her son have an autoimmune condition and her goal was to improve their gut health

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Hello, hello! Welcome back to the Natural Super Kids Podcast, Jessica Donovan here!

It is my pleasure to be here with you today. Look, I know that you’ve got a lot of different choices in terms of how you spend your time. The podcasts you listen to, there are literally thousands, probably millions of choices. And I am very grateful that you are spending this time with me. Today’s episode is a little bit different. I’m having some conversations with some of the beautiful mums from our Natural Super Kids Klub community – Naomi, Katrina and Celeste. I want to bring you these conversations so that you can get a feel for some of the reasons that people join the klub. Their personal experience of being a klub member, so we’re going to get to those conversations very shortly.  

As you may have guessed, we are currently welcoming new members to the Natural Super Kids Klub. So if you are listening to this episode, somewhere between the 15th of June 2021 and the 20th of June 2021. The Natural Super Kids Klub is open and welcoming new members. If you’re listening to this episode at a different time, which is quite possible and this sounds like something you want to be a part of… You can click on the link in our show notes. Rather than taking you to the page that will tell you all about the Klub, it will take you to a waitlist page. So the link in the show notes will work. No matter when you’re listening to this, it’ll just lead you to a different page.

But if you are listening between the 15th and the 20th of June, I’m very excited for you! You have the opportunity to join the Natural Super Kids Klub right away. Now we only open the doors to the klub a few times a year. That is because the rest of the time we like to focus our energy, our attention on creating resources for our KLUB members. Supporting our KLUB members, so that’s where our attention is focused. If we keep the klub open all of the time, we need to be constantly promoting it. So we just do the short promotions and opportunities to get in. Like I said, if you’re outside of that time, you can pop your name on the waitlist so you are first to hear when we are open again.

We’re going to get stuck into those conversations in just a moment. But if you’re listening and thinking, what is this Natural Super Kids Klub she is talking about? This is our main offer here at Natural Super Kids. It is a place where you can get support and inspiration to raise healthy and happy kids. Now that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So let me give you a bit of an idea of the kinds of mums that join the klub. A lot of the mums that join have kids that had health concerns or health issues. They may have allergies, eczema, behavioural challenges, mood conditions. or maybe they’ve got tummy problems.

They’re constantly getting sick. And the mums are looking for some some complementary ways that they can get on top of their kids’ health issues. You know, these moms are wanting to dive a bit deeper rather than just turning to medications. Steroid creams or eliminating particular food allergies from the diet. They’re really wanting to address some of those underlying factors that can cause these sorts of symptoms and conditions to present in kids. The other mum that might join the klub are mums that want to take a more proactive approach. We’re going to be hearing from Katrina today, who definitely fits that category.

So you just want to make sure that you are doing all of the right things to raise the healthiest and happiest child possible. You might want some inspiration for healthy recipes or ways to reduce toxins in your home. Different natural medicines that you can reach for when your kids are sick. Or they have a particular symptom that you’re wanting to address. So they’re the sorts of things that we cover in the klub. And as a klub member, you get access to new wholefood recipes every single month created by our wholefood chef and naturopath, Susan. You get access to meal plans so you don’t have to think about what you’re going to put on the table. Or in the lunchbox every single day as we do as mums.

You get access to a variety of videos in our video library on a whole heap of different subjects. And you can head on over to the klub page to find out more about those. You get access to cheat sheets that you can download to make it easy for you to optimise and boost the health and nutrition of your kids. Again, they’re on all kinds of different subjects as well. So head on over to the page if that sounds like something you might be interested in. In these chats with our klub members, you will also hear them talk a lot about our community. We have the most beautiful community of mums that are in the Natural Super Kids Klub. We have a private Facebook group where all of that beautiful community interaction happens.

So that is huge bonus of being a KLUB member. To find those like-minded people where you can share your challenges with. Ask questions in the group that might be specific to you wanting a naturopathic answer. In that case, one of the naturopaths, so me on the team will be answering those questions in the group. Or you might just want to ask the community a general question. Both of those things are really commonly done from our KLUB members. So there’s so much you get access to as a KLUB member. Go and check it out if you’re interested. 

For the first chat, I am going to have on the podcast is with Naomi. I want to just introduce you to Naomi, she’s a mum of three who lives in Sydney. She’s been a klub member for nearly two years. I mentioned in the chat that she is one of our star members. She’s just the most helpful, beautiful, lovely person in our community. Naomi’s always sharing different recipes that she’s using, she’s really helpful. We just love having Naomi as part of our community and as you will hear.

Naomi joined the klub because of some rash and eczema issues that her kids were having. She has noticed lots of benefits to her kids’ health since being a klub member from that eczema. Clearing up stronger immune systems. Her husband had some health benefits that you’ll hear about. And she’s really cut through that feeling of overwhelm that she had when she first decided to join the klub. So here’s Naomi… 

Jess: Hello, Naomi! Thank you so much for joining me! 

Naomi: Hello, Jess! It’s so good to be here! 

Jess: Oh, I’m so happy to be chatting to you because you are one of our, I call you our star member, you’re just so helpful in our community, you’ve been a member for a long time, you’re always helping our new members find their way around. So we appreciate having you in the club so much! 

Naomi: You’re kind, thank you! 

Jess: So let’s go back. I mean, like I said, you’ve been in the KLUB for a while. So do you remember some of the challenges or how you were feeling before you joined up to the club? 

Naomi: Yeah, totally. So I had been actually following you maybe for a year, a year and a half before I actually joined the KLUB. And on one side, I have always wanted to learn about the health side of things, but was quite overwhelmed because there’s so much out there. And I mean, you’ve got little ones running around, it’s not like I you know, could just sign up for a class and sit down or even actually know where to start. So there was that side of things and then on the flip side, I’ve got three kids, and my second one had started having just really bad rashes under his chin and the bum rush. And then my two-month-old, she started getting eczema at two months, and at that point, I’m like, “Okay, something has got to stop, something has got to change.” And then I thought of you, I’m like, “I’m just gonna join her KLUB. I’ve got to make a change.” And so I was just kind of at my wit’s end all around and is ready to just see change in our lives, really, and in the kids’ lives. 

Jess: Oh, that’s awesome. And we can talk about some of the improvements that you’ve noticed since joining the KLUB, but I think you bring up a really good point that sometimes like a full online course, or a program just feels really overwhelming, doesn’t it? So… 

Naomi: Yes. And you don’t actually know where to start. So, yeah. 

Jess: Yeah. And that’s where more like the KLUB membership can be really helpful because you can dip in and out. You can kind of remain a member for as long as you want and we’ve got these sort of bite-sized bits of information that you can consume as you kind of need them. So yeah, I think that’s a really good point. So tell us some of the benefits that you’ve noticed in your kids’ health and your family’s nutrition since you’ve been a member. 

Naomi: Yeah. So, okay, so I’ve been a member for a little under two years now, which is incredible. And, okay, so number one, my daughter’s eczema which was the main thing, literally is pretty much non-existent. I think she’s had maybe one flare-up since. And what is cool is that even if there is a flare-up, I know what I need to do in order to be able to bring it down and under control. So that has been amazing. Even with a lot of the weather changes, there hasn’t really been flare-ups. So that on one side, and then just overall, the kids’ immune systems is really strong. So even if, like, I think one week, our kids, we were out in a play date and playing with kids who ended up having gastro that night. Our kids never got it… I was so pumped, but I feel like if they do get sick, they get better, a lot quicker than before and then rarely get sick now, which is amazing. And then even my husband, like, we’ve lost weight, both of us, and he feels fit even during COVID, he doesn’t feel like he’s got a COVID body. And so he is even pumped with just all the health food changes that has been happening, and that he enjoys it, which is really great to see. And even… Yeah, sorry! There are so many, so I can totally stop!

Jess: No, that’s so great that you’ve seen so many improvements! And it’s a lot of those niggling things that we kind of just put up with as mums, hey? Like our kids getting sick, and our kids’ sicknesses lingering, and that little bit of extra weight that people might be kind of carrying in the family. And again, I think you’ve brought up a really good point that, yes, in the KLUB, we focus on kids’ health and nutrition but you can really notice when you implement the changes that we talked about, you can really notice those kind of broader effects on the whole family. So I’m so glad that your husband’s seen improvements as well. 

Naomi: Same, same!

Jess: It’s good when the husbands are happy. So good! And what would you say are some of your favorite parts about being a KLUB member? Obviously, you’ve been a member for a while. So there’s something that’s keeping you a member. So what are those things that you love about the KLUB? 

Naomi: Yeah, totally. Okay, so there are actually so many things. And I’m not just saying this because I’m a part of the KLUB but there are so many things to love about it. One, of course, is every week, every Thursday having the Ask the Naturopath sessions, which is just amazing, because you just know that you’ve got a trusted source of information, if you’re not sure about somebody, you can ask a question. And oftentimes, even other members might reply if they’ve experienced or gone through it. So it’s like a whole wealth of knowledge that you are having access to, and then love the video library, all the different things that you have on training, but they’re bite-sized, you can do it on your own pace, based on what it is that you might be going through, or what you have time to be able to learn about, and from everything. From choosing eggs and bread to finding out about worms and how to actually make sure that the kids don’t get them. So it’s just kind of covers such a wide range of things, but they’re actually really important things that we need, which is incredible. And then love the recipe library. So with Susan bringing out the new recipes each month, which is just absolutely incredible. I’m a 100% recipe girl. So I love it. And then of course, the community. So you’ve got a Facebook community and I think just really knowing that you are, I think as mums, we just need to know that we have other mums that we’re doing life with. And that’s kind of what like the Facebook community is where you’ve got that wealth of knowledge, but also just the peer and the understanding of “Oh my goodness,” you know, that you can celebrate the wins and you can be like, kind of walk the journey with everyone, which is, I think you guys have done it and cultivated it so well. And I love that as I’m learning the kids are learning. So like my eldest too is just almost six, like he knows to look at the number of ingredients that are on the package. Or you know, so all those things where I feel like I’m not just one learning, but actually, the kids are learning a healthy relationship with food, which I think is so important, and I love that they’re learning at such a young age as well. So kind of the ripple effect.

Jess: Yes, yes, I love that! Like you said, that’s really important to empower our kids to kind of be taking charge of health and developing that healthy relationship with food, and the video library, I love that you brought that up as well because there is, I mean, the KLUB’s been going for three, nearly four years now. So every single month through that time we have released a new video and so the library is just growing all the time and we try and make sure that we are organising things in a way that it’s really easy to find as well. But you’re right, there’s really a video to answer any question that you have about your kids’ health and nutrition because it’s not like we reach a point where we’ve totally nailed it and we don’t have to think about it anymore. You know, health is ongoing, different challenges come up, different diagnoses might come up, different stages of childhood come up. So there’s really resources for mums going through all of those different stages and challenges that they might be having. 

Jess: Thank you so much! I really appreciate you hopping on to chat to me today. I think it’s really valuable for people who, other mums that are thinking about signing up to the KLUB to hear from mums that are in the KLUB, exactly what it’s like to be a member. So I appreciate it. Thank you so much, Naomi. 

Naomi: My pleasure. Thank you!

Isn’t she just gorgeous? Thank you, Naomi. I just always love having a chat to Naomi. And I think, if you’re listening you can get why we just love having Naomi as one of our beautiful KLUB members. 

So next, I’m gonna have a little chat to Katrina. Now Katrina, will explain that she joined the KLUB, because she wanted to take a proactive and preventative approach. So she had a very young baby when she first joined the KLUB, and she’s still just a mum of one who is under one and she is just very committed to raising the healthiest child possible and I just love that about her. So she talks about some of the things in the KLUB that have helped her to feel more empowered, less overwhelmed, and just take that step by step approach, that we are so big on in the KLUB, because we know mums are busy. And we can’t do everything all at once but if we take that step-by-step approach over time, it doesn’t take very long to notice those big differences in the kind of life that we are creating for our children and our family. So here’s Katrina. 

Jess: Hello, Katrina! It’s so nice to be talking to you today. 

Katrina: Great to be here, thank you for having me. 

Jess: Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with me! So can you start by maybe telling us some of the things that you were challenged with and how you were feeling prior to joining the KLUB? 

Katrina: Yeah, so I suppose when I joined my baby was only four months old, I think. And yeah, I remember thinking I wouldn’t get much out of it as a member with older children, which is absolutely not true, because I had older children. But I joined because I like to be, I suppose, proactive when it comes to my family’s health. And to me, that’s what it’s all about. But it was also around this time back in January, I think it was. My baby started to develop some eczema, just some mild intolerances and, of course, like any mum, you want to do what’s best for your baby. I remember before I joined, I was feeling like it would just never get better and I was letting her down, and I was a terrible mom, all of that script, but because of the knowledge that I already had about eczema and just the gut, it just wasn’t working and nothing seemed to be fixing it. My husband and I both have eczema as well and I always take the most natural approach to managing it too. So it was a no brainer that I was going to implement that same approach to my daughter and her health, regardless of the issue. And so now she’s almost 10 months and it’s always natural medicine first, Western second for me. Just personally, anyway, that’s just how I like to look at it. But even now the pressure is out there to just put them on steroid creams or antibiotics to fix an issue. It’s huge and I knew I needed an outlet to express my concerns or raise any questions I had to a group that just understood and had the same values in regards to natural medicine. 

Jess: Oh, I love that! And yeah, I mean, as you know, I’m all about the natural medicine first because then we are sort of supporting the body’s natural kind of healing mechanisms and immune defenses and that sort of thing. Whereas with steroid creams and antibiotics, yes, they can be helpful in certain situations, but it’s all about sort of suppressing and doing the job of the body for the child. So yes, I love that. And so tell us some of the benefits you’ve noticed. Have you just got the one baby?

Katrina: Yeah, she’s 10 months old, almost 10 months old. Yeah. So just the one little girl.

Jess: So yeah, what benefits have you noticed in her health? And also, I guess your overall family’s nutrition?

Katrina: Yeah, well, I’m certainly a lot more confident in my choices for my family as a whole. I’ve learnt so much about reducing plastics and going more low-tox, which I’m extremely passionate about. But before joining the KLUB it was just one of those things that seemed like such a big task, and I didn’t know where to start and but now I suppose I have the confidence to say, “You know what, it’s okay. One small change a day or a week, it adds up.” You know, and for me, that’s very empowering. And it takes the stress off feeling like you have to make all the changes right here and now. So I think that’s been one big thing. I’ve also been able to educate my husband who implements changes in his work as well, you know, even the smallest change, like what you drink your water from, for me is a huge step in the right direction. And we’ve all made that change. And, yeah, I feel for us, it’s just built up over time, all the changes that we’ve made, and now we’re really on the path to a more sustainable life and home, really.

Jess: Beautiful. And, you know, just that point of that step-by-step approach, that’s what we are all about in the KLUB, because it’s so overwhelming. I mean, I think it’s an ongoing process, I’m still in the process of cleaning things up, you know? When you go off track a little bit or you buy something new, and then you look at the ingredients, and you think, “Oh! I don’t really want that in my home.” So it’s a constant process of making these changes. And as I said, it can feel really overwhelming for people. And I want to assure people that in the KLUB, it’s all about kind of going from where you are at the moment, not comparing yourself to anyone else and making those step-by-step kind of changes. 

Katrina: Yeah, and I think that’s the biggest thing. It’s comparing as well, you know where you want to be, but it seems like such a long way off, but yeah, I’ve compared to where we were, you know? Say, this time last year, and absolutely nothing compares to that, you know? We’re so much further along, and so much better off than what we were a year ago, even just the smallest changes that it makes such a big difference, I think.

Jess: It does, and just that feeling of empowered, you know? This stuff, we don’t learn this stuff when we become parents. When our kids or someone in the family has an illness, we go to the doctor and then what if what they offer doesn’t sit well with us. So we want to look at some different alternatives and that’s what the KLUB is all about. Empowering mums to make changes and decisions that they feel confident and comfortable in. So I love that you brought that up too. So what’s your favorite part of being a KLUB member? Is there anything, any specific parts of the KLUB that you enjoy most?

Katrina: Yeah, as for me, I love the fact that the KLUB is just full of like-minded women, and I suppose better yet, like-minded mums, really. Within my circle of friends, no one really has the same way of thinking that I do when it comes to natural medicine. I wouldn’t say it’s looked down upon, but it seems the inconvenient way of doing things, you know, it’s not convenient. It’s, for example, I get great joy of cooking for my baby now that she’s almost 10 months old, she’s on solid food, eating more and I love that I get to nourish her myself, I find it quite rewarding. But to some of my friends, that would sound absolutely crazy, you know? So it’s been nice in a group, or being in a group where those values are aligned with others. And I’m stuck upon being the way I am when it comes to health and nutrition, which has been like that for all of my life. You know, I’ve done things a bit, I suppose the way I can think of it is alternative, I suppose, to a lot of people. But I suppose, I sometimes feel the pressure to do what’s easiest, and just go to Kohl’s and get the pre-packaged sachets, you know? And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s just not for me. I think I feel very confident by the fact that there are others out there like myself who take the same or similar approach to their children’s health. 

Jess: Yeah, so good. And you know, we can feel a bit like the odd one out amongst our friends or family or community. So having that central place where you can go and go, “Ah, I’m not so strange after all!” There are other mums that are doing this as well, and we’re doing it because we are trying to do the best thing for our babies. 

Katrina: Definitely. Yeah, it’s kind of like, you know, when I jumped in the KLUB and say, people say, “What’s the best probiotic” or you know, all this kind of stuff. I’m like, that’s talking my language, you know?

Jess: Yes, exactly. Yeah, it’s finding that like-minded community, isn’t it? which is so important when we’re raising children, and people can pop in and ask all kinds of different questions and share their journey and share their wins and their challenges and you feel like, well, I hope you members feel like it’s a safe place to be able to do all those things.

Katrina: Oh, absolutely. It’s been great. Yeah, I think that’s probably the key word, like-minded. Everyone is on the same page. Everyone’s in it together, I suppose. You know, want to help each other and it’s great. 

Jess: Yes, so good. Oh, well thank you so much for sharing that and I just love that you’re taking such a proactive approach. What a lucky bub, you have to have such a health-conscious mum that is kind of setting her up for the best life possible. Yeah, so that’s just awesome. Thanks so much for joining me for a chat today! 

Katrina: Thank you for having me! 

So there you go. Katrina has one very lucky bubby, doesn’t she? Taking this proactive and preventative approach. She’s just got beautiful energy. So thank you for sharing, Katrina. 

Now our last conversation is with lovely Celeste who has been a KLUB member for around about six months. So compared to Katrina, Celeste has an older child who she talks about in our chat. And both her and her child have an autoimmune condition. So that was her driving kind of forced to join the KLUB and start to work specifically on their gut health, which can have such a profound effect on the immune system and autoimmune conditions as well. And we will hear from Celeste that one of the big benefits that she’s gained from being a KLUB member, similar to Katrina, is you know, finding that reassurance within the community, and those like-minded people that you can both help as a KLUB member and offer advice to. If you’ve got a bit of experience in that area, or gain from if you’re asking a question, and that’s the such a beautiful thing about our KLUB community, is that it really is this kind of cycle of getting what you need as a mum and giving back to our KLUB community when you can help as well. And I think that’s really the key in why our KLUB community works so well. So here’s my chat with Celeste.  

Jess: Hello, Celeste, welcome! Thank you so much for joining me. 

Celeste: Thanks for having me. 

Jess: I’m excited to have a chat with you. So you’ve been a KLUB member since about October last year? So six-ish months? Going back to that time, do you remember any particular challenges you were having or how you were feeling before you sort of joined the KLUB?

Celeste: Yeah, I vividly remember it, Jess, because I wasn’t in a great place at the time. So I saw your Kids’ Gut Health Master Class video advertised, and I just thought, this is what I need. I have an autoimmune condition that can be quite debilitating at times. And I have an older son who also has lots of autoimmune issues. So yeah, that was probably at the peak of where that was, very overwhelmed, and just feeling bogged down. And after kind of doing that masterclass with you online, I thought maybe this is a positive way to move forward and get some fresh ideas. And it has been, which is awesome.

Jess: Okay, great. And I hear that from a lot of people, you know? Just that feeling of overwhelm of not knowing where to start, whether it’s a particular health condition that one of your kids has, or just sort of overall health and well-being. So I think that’s a really common reason why sort of mums join the KLUB. So what are some of the benefits that you’ve noticed in your kids’ health and your family’s nutrition since being a KLUB member?

Celeste: I think the biggest thing, I was reflecting on this a little bit, and I think the biggest thing is actually my own mindset to how I bring food to my family. And there’s been a big focus on whole foods and you know, wholesome foods, bit of resistance from my children pretty much the whole way through. But I think yeah, I’ve just had a better understanding, or I’m gaining a better understanding of gut health because we’ve done lots of kind of health-related things to improve our situations. And that has helped but I felt like gut health was our kind of almost our obstacle, because we, my older son and I have great issues with histamines. So all your traditional ways of boosting gut health with fermented foods don’t work so well for us. So it was just realizing that there’s more out there, there are other ways that we can still chip away at until we get to the point where we can kind of tolerate those fermented foods. And it’s funny because I actually did an Ask a Naturopath session with you a couple of weeks ago about my youngest son who is incredibly fussy eating. And I’d said at the time, look, last term, he had more time off school when he went to school, because he just has these low- grade inflammation issues. And then I just said to him yesterday, “Hey, buddy! You’ve only had one day off this whole term.” He’s only had one day off and we’ve got two weeks left. And he kind of looked at me like, “Oh, that’s right!” So I probably didn’t realize that we’ve actually come a long way along that path and he’s doing a lot better. Just incorporating some of the tip sheets and the recipes and yeah, just as I said, the mindset of me, how I look at how to nourish them and what’s best for them.

Jess: Oh, that’s so good to hear and what a huge win! I remember that question and for anyone listening who’s thinking, “What’s this Ask the Naturopath?” So, all of our members in the KLUB, get to ask me their individual questions every week, and I go live every week and answer them. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week, I love answering our members questions. So that’s so great that you have noticed that change, and what a huge impact for him and his well-being and being able to go to school, because when they can’t go to school, so often it obviously affects their learning, but also their social aspects and all of that. And I love that you brought up that sort of mindset, that change in your mindset when feeding your kids, because that’s something we really kind of try and well, we talk a lot about in the KLUB. So that’s great to hear too. 

Celeste: Yeah, It’s too easy to get really stressed about feeding them the right thing, and then they don’t eat it when you offer it. And yeah, just trying to bring those stress levels down and just realize that I can offer and he can take up or not take it up. And I can just have to keep encouraging, and it won’t always work but sometimes I just keep at it and you know, keep bringing healthy and diversity of food.

Jess: Definitely, definitely, because when we get stressed about it, it just exacerbates the problem doesn’t it? It doesn’t actually help.

Celeste: Absolutely. And I knew that and I could see it, but I was just kind of, when you don’t necessarily have other options in front of, that you need to change what you’re doing but it’s like, but what do I do instead? So I think that really opens things up for us connecting with the KLUB and yeah, just hearing different ideas and different ways forward.

Jess: Yeah, and just being within that community where you can see that other people, you don’t feel so alone. And you get ideas from other KLUB members as well, not just from sort of me. That’s great to hear. So what are some of your favorite things about being a KLUB member? Is there any specific parts of the KLUB that you enjoy?

Celeste: Well, actually, that is exactly what I enjoyed the most and in one word, community. Like there’s days that I get on and I’m feeling like I haven’t done a great job or we’re struggling a bit more. And you know, somebody will have something there that just fits and just helps us along, or they’re struggling with the same issue and you realize you’re not alone. You know, and then there’s other times where there’s other people struggling, and you can really hear the 70 mums out there who needs support and who are struggling with their health or just getting through the day in managing everything, you know? Around feeding the kids well, and I’ve got something those days to offer them. And it’s just like this beautiful kind of completion of that cycle of giving and receiving. It feels really nourishing as a mum because I think we all need nourishment on so many levels. Yeah, so I think at the end of the day, that’s the biggest thing that I get out of it is that sense of community. But also, there’s just so many options and tip sheets that are great. There’s the Ask the Naturopath, you know? Yeah, just as you said before, just hearing other people’s suggestions and things they’ve tried and found successful. It’s gold, it’s a little bag of tricks that you can go to. I actually had a bit of time off work the last few months because of my health. And so finances got a bit tight in that time, and I thought, I’m gonna have to let everything go that’s not essential. And I kept coming to the KLUB subscription and going, “Hmm, maybe I should let that go.” And you know, I just couldn’t do it because it actually gives me a sense of reassurance to know that there are like-minded people with the same sort of things going on. Yourself and Susan are an amazing wealth of knowledge. We can tap into that at any time and I thought for my own mental health, that’s more important. So I’m so glad I didn’t let it go. And I didn’t want to but you know, sometimes you’re in that situation where you have to make choices.

Jess: That’s right. Yeah. And those kind of, you know, those online subscriptions can build up, can’t they? So you do have to kind of look at…

Celeste: You’ve got to look at if it’s manageable. And that’s really nice too. You know, it’s an investment in our health and I just look at it in that way…

Jess: Oh, that’s so great. And, you know, really one of the big reasons that I created the KLUB was to give mums that affordable support, because it’s expensive when you’re going to see practitioners or, you know, it takes a lot of time to search for the answers that you need. And then are they reputable when you found them online. So yeah, I think you’ve brought up a really good point that the KLUB membership is an affordable way to kind of have that assurance as a mum. Yeah, and also get access to all of the support and all of the resources that we have. So, oh I’m so glad that you stuck with it.

Celeste: Yeah, So am I. And it’s really positive. It’s a positive forum. Like, there’s always encouragement, you guys are so active, in just checking in with us and asking for feedback. And it just really feels like it’s not just, you’re there on the screen and there’s this group. It feels like it’s a really lovely two-way process and that you actually are interested in our well-being. And, yeah, it’s just that, as I said, sense of community at the end of the day. 

Jess: Yeah, that’s so lovely to hear, because that’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve with the KLUB. So thank you so much for popping on today and having a chat with me. I just love hearing, you know, because I didn’t get to talk to members face to face all that often. Yeah, so it’s really great to hear some of the benefits that you kind of gain from being a KLUB member. So thanks so much, Celeste, and I’m sure the mums that are thinking about joining, have really appreciated hearing your kind of experience of the KLUB as well. So thanks for joining me today! 

Celeste: My pleasure. Thanks, Jess!

I just loved hearing from Celeste how the KLUB community gives her that assurance. You know, that she’s on the right path as a mum with her own health and with her son’s health as well. And you know, that mindset shift, really figuring out what is realistic when it comes to what we can expect from our kids and having that community to be able to bounce ideas around is so… Oh! Just makes life so much easier as a mum. So thank you so much, Celeste for sharing your experience of being a KLUB member. 

So if you are interested in finding out more about the KLUB, head on over to the show notes and click on the link in the show notes to learn more about the KLUB, we’ve got all of the details laid out for you. As long as you are listening to this before the 20th of June. So we are closing the doors to the KLUB on the 20th of June, which is a Sunday at midnight, Adelaide time, which is Australian Central Standard Time. So make sure you head on over and have a look before then because we are only open for a few days. And I would love to welcome you as a new member. 

Now, you’ll see when you look at the KLUB that there’s a couple of different options to join, we have our annual membership where you get some great bonuses and you get that benefit of that being a longer term member you get to really utilize more of the resources, settle in, get to know everyone in the KLUB community and really start to make those changes in a step by step way on your family’s health and nutrition. But we also do have a monthly option for people who might not want to commit to a year and just to assure you that there are no contracts for the KLUB, you can cancel anytime we make it really easy for you to be able to cancel with a couple of clicks of your mouse in the membership site. That’s really important that we only have members in the KLUB that want to be in the KLUB, we don’t make it hard for you to cancel, and the Natural Super Kids KLUB is really, well, my goal for it is that it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to raise healthy and happy kids because it’s not something we just achieve and then we can forget about. We have different challenges that pop up along the way. Our kids go through different developmental stages from babies to toddlers, to starting school, to primary school kids, to teenage kids, they all have different needs and different questions pop up. You might get a particular diagnosis for your child or they might start to have particular health issues, whether it’s an eczema flare-up, or they start to get some anxiety. And we’ve got resources for all of these different things within the KLUB, as well as Katrina pointed out, all of those resources that make it easy for you to take a step-by-step approach to reducing toxins in your home, that sort of thing. 

So in the KLUB, we really work on four main areas. They are food and nutrition, so increasing nutritious food in your kids’ diet. The second one is reducing toxins within your home environment and the child’s environment as a whole. The third one is healthy lifestyle. So helping kids to play outside more often and get all those benefits of being outside. You know, and that includes things like stress management and sleep and all of those good things that form a foundation for a child’s well-being. And the fourth area we work on in the Natural Super Kids KLUB is natural medicine. So we really empower parents to know how to use different natural medicines to get on top of their kids’ health issues, concerns, symptoms, without having to resort to unnecessary medication. Of course, medication can be really great at times but if we can use those natural medicines, the nutrition and the herbal medicine, the homeopathy, different remedies that we can make at home, then we might need to reach for the medication a little less often, which is one of the pieces of feedback that a lot of our KLUB members give us. 

So if this sounds like something you are interested in, make sure you click on over and check out the KLUB As I have said multiple times, we are only open until Sunday, the 20th of June, we are closing the doors at midnight. And we won’t be opening again until much later in 2021. So if you want to have a healthier winter, in particular, then this will be your only chance to join the KLUB in this sort of winter period here in the Southern hemisphere anyway. And that’s when a lot of those health challenges pop up when it comes to our kids. And we’ve got lots of resources in the KLUB to help you boost your kids’ immune system, and different remedies and resources that will help even when your children do get sick, to help them recover quicker, and bounce back faster. So I cannot wait to meet you in the KLUB, head on over to check it out. 

I really hope that those conversations were helpful in giving you a bit more of an insight into what the KLUB is all about. Please reach out to me with any questions that you have. You can email or you can direct message me on Instagram over at Natural Super Kids. Please reach out if you have any questions about the KLUB, I am more than happy to answer those for you. 

Thank you so much for joining me today. And next week we are heading into having some guests on the podcast. So next week, I’ll give you a little teaser, we have Kasey Wilson talking about preconception care. So excited to bring that information to you next week. I’ll see you then!


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