If you missed last weeks podcast, Jess spoke to relationship coach Aston Simmonds about how to recreate your relationship after kids. Here is the link to listen to this episode.

This week on the podcast we have Nate Kemp, best-selling author of the book ’80/80 Marriage’ and formally trained philosopher.  Nate and his wife Kaley, developed the idea of ‘The 80/80 Marriage’, a relationship model for balancing career, family and love. Their 80/80 model of marriage provides practical, powerful solutions to transform your relationship and open up space for greater love and connection.

In this episode, Jess and Nate  go over:

  • Nates journey and how he came to write the book ’80/80 marriage’;
  • How a 50/50 marriage model makes a relationship less equal;
  • The availability bias and the overestimation bias;
  • The theory behind the 80/80 marriage model;
  • How to implement radical generosity into your relationship;
  • Navigating under contributing and over contributing in a relationship.

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