Our guest on the podcast this week is Emily Lo, a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Sensory Expert, mother, and caregiver to her autistic brother.  

Emily has worked for the Department of Education, in International Schools, for Not For not-for-profit organisations, and in private practice in Sydney via her clinic ‘Child-Led Therapies’. Emily is certified in AYRES Sensory Integration, DIRFloor time, SOS feeding, Handwriting Without Tears and Therapeutic Listening.  

Emily shares her knowledge on social media about child development, play sensory, and therapy activities. Emily’s goal is to empower caregivers through education on how to support their children. 

In this episode, Emily and I discuss:

  • Signs of a sensory challenge in your kids;
  • The do’s and don’ts of fussy eating;
  • The difference between sensory-avoidant kids and sensory-seeking kids;
  • The theory behind occupational therapy and sensory challenges in kids;
  • How to distinguish between over-responsive and under-responsive kids ;
  • Emily’s calming sensory activity recommendations.

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