Last week on the podcast, Jess spoke about the importance of building a healthy winter immune system in autumn. If you have not checked this episode yet, click here to listen. 

Today, on the podcast Jess is talking about the antibiotic cycle, how to break this cycle and help your child’s immune system recover this winter. 

Nearly every child we see with immune issues or recurrent infections has had either a heavy use of antibiotics overall or exposure to antibiotics when very young. Although antibiotics have their place, they are often overused and can cause long-term effects on our health. 

In this episode, Jess discusses:

  • The overuse of antibiotics and the negative long-term effects of antibiotics; 
  • Studies demonstrating the impact antibiotics have on the microbiome, atopic conditions, and metabolic disorders;
  • The antibiotic cycle and how this cycle makes children more susceptible to infections;
  • The effects of antibiotics on immune function;
  • How to strengthen our children’s ability to fight infections without the use of antibiotics.

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