In our last episode, I had an insightful discussion with Paediatric Neurologist Dr Steve Hodges from the United States. Dr. Hodges shared his unique approach to toileting issues, explaining how chronic constipation may be the underlying cause of toileting issues in your children. If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, click here to listen.

Today we are diving into bedwetting – a challenging issue for many families. Bedwetting can be inconvenient, and embarrassing as children get older, with little information surrounding alternative treatments for bedwetting. 

Join me as I break down a topic that can be a struggle for many children. In this episode, I discuss:

  • How constipation can be an underlying cause of bedwetting;
  • Imbalances in the gut microbiome and how this can contribute to bedwetting, chronic cystitis, and thrush;
  • Symptoms of worms and how worms can be a cause of bedwetting; 
  • The link between allergies (food and environmental), and increased risk of bedwetting;
  • How  controlling asthma can reduce the incidence of bedwetting;
  • The role stress plays in bedwetting, and how wetting the bed can affect a child’s mental health;
  • The association between bedwetting and behavioural problems, and how bedwetting is more common in neurodiverse kids;
  • The link between sleep-disordered breathing and bedwetting.

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