In our last episode we talked about sleep in general, the underlying causes of sleep issues in kids, diet and lifestyle factors that impact sleep and some practical tips to improve sleep for families. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet – click here.  

Today we are zooming in to focus specifically on melatonin, its role in sleep, how we can support healthy melatonin production and using melatonin to support sleep in children.

Join me for this informative chat with our practising naturopath, Sarah Worboys as we discuss:

  • The circadian rhythm and melatonin’s role in the circadian rhythm;
  • The reasons melatonin is important for children (besides sleep);
  • The importance of light for natural melatonin production and what parents can do in their homes to reduce light and support melatonin production;
  • The specific nutrients your child needs to produce melatonin;
  • Sarah and I discuss melatonin supplements and when parents may want to consider trying melatonin;
  • We also touch on synthetic vs natural melatonin, plus the safety around long-term use.

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