Heavy metal toxicity in the body can cause symptoms such as brain fog, poor concentration, mood swings, headaches, food allergies, and more. The term ‘heavy metals’ is related to elements found on the periodic table. These elements include mercury, copper, iron, and zinc.  So how do you determine whether your child has heavy metals circulating their body? Join me for this informative chat with our Clinical Nutritionist, Mel Kirkwood to learn more about how heavy metals can impact your child’s health.

In this episode, Mel shares with us:

  • What are heavy metals;
  • How do they impact children, and the symptoms correlated with heavy metal toxicity;
  • Testing options available and our preferred method for children;
  • What parents do to reduce their children’s exposure to heavy metals;
  • Mel also shares with us a case study about her client Billy – an 8-year-old boy who was experiencing silent seizures, learning difficulties, and fussy eating, and how a particular heavy metal was impacting him. 

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