Ever wondered why your child is always picky about certain foods? Ever battled with recurrent infections, allergies, or even challenging behavior? It all could be tied to something as simple as gut health.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve put together a brand new kids’ gut health assessment. This assessment will help you determine just how healthy your child’s gut is, and give you guidance on what next steps you need to take.

In this episode we will go through a series of questions to determine if your child falls under three categories:
1. Gut Repair;
2. Gut Nourish;
3. Gut Maintain;

The information in this podcast episode, together with the gut health assessment will help you make the most of the information I share in my upcoming Free Gut Health Masterclass that I will be hosting next week.  

Have you registered? If not, check out the information below to save your seat, and together we can work to improve your child’s behaviour, fussy eating, allergies, and so much more..

Come along to our masterclass ‘3 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Transform Your Kids’ GUT HEALTH to Improve Behaviour, Immunity, Allergies and Fussy Eating”

Come along to my upcoming masterclass to learn my 3 surprisingly simple ways to transform your kid’s gut health to improve their behaviour, immunity, allergies and fussy eating.