Two very common complaints we see in the Natural Super Kids Clinic are children who are fussy eaters or children who are experiencing food intolerances.. Or maybe your child is struggling with both fussy eating AND food intolerances. Well, in this week’s podcast episode, Jess will share what you might be missing when it comes to fussy eaters and food intolerances in kids.

In this episode, Jess will share:

  • A personal client of Jess’s who had multiple food intolerances, low immunity, fussy with food, and Mum was struggling to find foods that were safe for her to eat;
  • Jess shares what approach she took with this client including focusing on the gut;
  • What you might be missing when it comes to fussy eating and food intolerances;
  • Information on what gut dysbiosis and intestinal permeability are, how this can impact your child & how this relates to fussy eating and food intolerances.

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