Join me for this conversational episode where I chat about the concept of orchid and dandelion children. I spoke about this over on our Instagram page in December 2023 and it resonated with a lot of parents, so I thought I would expand upon it today on the podcast. 

The concept of orchid and dandelion children was created by pediatrician and Professor emeritus of paediatrics and psychiatry, W. Thomas Boyce. Dr Boyce shares that children have two very different responses to their environments. While some children are like dandelions and can thrive in almost any environment, there are others who, like orchids, are much more reactive and susceptible to their surroundings. 

In this episode I will be sharing more about this concept, including: 

  • Why some children are much more affected by their circumstances and their environment, compared to others;
  • I share the statistics of how many children are known as dandelion children, what this means, and what personality traits they have;
  • I share how many children identify as orchid children and their personality traits;  
  • Plus, how we can support our orchid children.
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