Packing school lunch boxes every day can be such a chore, especially when your kid comes home and you realise they haven’t eaten a thing you’ve prepared.  When it comes to packing school lunchboxes, it’s important to focus on building a nutritionally balanced lunchbox that balances your children’s blood sugar levels, but we also need to find foods our kids want to eat (which is the tricky part!)

In this episode, I will be sharing my time-saving hacks for packing a healthy lunchbox. For more insights on packing a healthy lunchbox, be sure to listen to Episode 53 of the Natural Super Kids podcast.

Let’s dive into: 

  • Why packing a healthy lunchbox is such a significant part of our kid’s overall wellbeing;
  • Tips for packing a lunchbox for a fussy eater;
  • How to improve nutrition throughout the day, if they won’t eat it out of their lunchbox;
  • Why healthy lunchbox options are so beneficial for our kids.. (hint: it involves balancing blood sugar levels..);
  • We dive into some of my time-saving hacks including:
    • Batch cooking recipes that freeze well and are made to last (hint: sweet snack options);
    • How having a schedule or a plan to “prep ahead” is a game-changer;
    • Why I love to have the lunchboxes cleaned and ready to go when I’m cooking dinner;
    • The key macronutrient you should include, and how to make it easier for you to include it in the lunchbox;
    • How to get the kids involved and put them in charge, plus tips for all ages;
    • Quick, easy supermarket options to have on hand.

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