This week I’m thrilled to have Kirsten Cobabe on the podcast. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Kirsten before for our membership program, the Natural Super Kids Klub, and it was such an insightful chat on supporting our teens.

Kirsten is a family coach and teen whisperer who specialises in supporting both teens and parents in navigating the waves of adolescence. Her intentional approach focuses on creating lasting connections through curiosity, presence, authenticity, and awareness. Kirsten supports parents in learning how to listen to and talk with their teens. She engages parents in personal reflection, embracing their new role, cultivating rapport, understanding the teen brain, transforming obstacles, and restoring harmony in the home 

In this episode of the Natural Super Kids Podcast, Kirsten and I discuss: 

  • More details about this age and stage of life for our teens;
  • Understanding counter-will;
  • Why we should look to the environment rather than blaming the teen;
  • How to listen, really listen, without an agenda to better connect;
  • How to shift from conflict to connection, and ways to navigate this differently.

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