I am joined again this week by building biologist, Nicole Bijlsma. In case you missed last week’s episode, Nicole joined me to chat about creating a healthy low-tox home. You can listen to that episode here.

Nicole is a building biologist based in Australia and the bestselling author of one of my favourite resource books Healthy Home Healthy Family. Nicole is also the founder of the Healthy Home (Building Biology) movement in Australia and CEO of the Australian College of Environmental Studies. 

In this episode, Nicole and I will be chatting about electromagnetic fields (EMFs), where we discuss:

  • What EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are and how they impact our children;
  • The first thing Nicole looks at in a home when it comes to where beds are positioned in the home;
  • How Wi-Fi affects our children; 
  • How EMFs alter melatonin production;
  • The truth about baby monitors;
  • Ways to reduce EMF exposure include:
    • The benefits of texting over phone calls;
    • Turning off Wi-Fi at night via a timer;
  • Nicole shares a little more information about her best-selling book Healthy Home Healthy Family.

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