This week on the Natural Super Kids podcast I am joined by building biologist, Nicole Bijlsma. Not only is Nicole a building biologist, but she is a bestselling author (Healthy Home Healthy Family), founder of the Healthy Home (Building Biology) movement in Australia, and CEO of the Australian College of Environmental Studies. 

In this episode Nicole and I will be talking about the impacts of toxins and chemicals in the family home. Nicole will also be joining me next week to chat about EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and their impact on our children’s health.

Nicole shares with us:

  • The main toxins and chemicals that parents need to be aware of in the family home;
  • The impact of trans-generational exposure to chemicals especially pesticides on our children;
  • The steps you can take to reduce your toxic load in the home including the importance of not wearing shoes in the house, the reality of having a carpeted home, and why it’s crucial that you invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner;
  • The truth about our water quality, and what chemicals to be mindful of;
  • The importance of using an air purifier in inner-city built-up areas;
  • The four important household items to invest in to create a healthy home;

Episode Links:

  • Purchase Nicole’s book Healthy Home, Happy Family on Booktopia. 
  • Check out Nicole’s website here. 
  • Learn from Nicole over on Instagram here.