A common theme we have been seeing in our Natural Super Kids KLUB lately is the number of children dealing with fussy eating, iron deficiency and constipation. So in today’s episode I am going to discuss the link between the three. 

In this episode, we will touch on:

  • How it is common for fussy eaters to become iron deficient due to lack of iron-rich foods in the diet, as well as the link to constipation due to lack of dietary fibre. 
  • How a lack of dietary fibre can cause gut dysbiosis which contributes to poor appetite, fussy eating, constipation and iron absorbability;
  • The link all three conditions have with the gut and the link between inflammation,  short-chain fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics. 
  • How iron deficiency can lead to poor appetite;
  • Why iron deficiency isn’t just about iron intake, and why we should focus on absorbability. 
  • How fussy eating and constipation affect iron absorption;
  • The importance of choosing a well-absorbed iron;
  • Plus so much more. 

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