In this week’s podcast episode, I am joined by our practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Melissa Kirkwood to discuss the importance of personal well-being as a parent/carer. In our online clinic, we often see a lot of children with complex health issues, children who aren’t sleeping, or those who are unwell a lot, which puts a lot of pressure on the parent or carer of that child. Too often parents are so busy caring for their children, that they forget about their own wellbeing. So in this episode, Mel and I will share some practical changes you can make to support yourself.

You can look forward to learning about:

  • The three categories to focus on when things seem overwhelming are Nutrition, Movement  & Mind;
  • For diet & nutrition, we will focus on:
    • The importance of protein & balancing the macros in your meals;
    • Reducing caffeine to support your nervous system;
    • Ensuring you are focusing on adequate hydration;
  • For movement, we will focus on:
    • Why it might be time to quit doing HIIT workouts, and how this can impact your stress levels;
    • Alternative exercise options that will support you during this season of life;
  • For mind, we will focus on:
    • How to incorporate small pockets of mindfulness into your day;
    • The importance of nature, and morning sunlight;
    • Our favourite yoga pose that settles a heightened nervous system;
    • Sleep, and why you should make it a priority (if possible)
  • Mel also discusses some case studies of two recent clients:
    • Mother of two under 3 years old, who has sleep deprivation, brain fog, low energy;
    • Mother of two who is experiencing burnout, digestive complaints, brain fog, anxiety, and poor sleep.

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