After receiving such a great response to our Perimenopause Masterclass that we created for our Natural Super Kids KLUB members, we have decided to share this topic with our wider community. In this week’s podcast, I’m joined by our Natural Super Kids consulting naturopath, Sarah Worboys to discuss the physical and emotional shifts of perimenopause. As Sarah and I are both in our perimenopausal years, we will be giving first-hand experience in this conversational episode.

In this episode, Sarah and I will be sharing:

  • Sarah shares her journey to becoming a naturopath, and how her Mum was her first perimenopausal client;
  • The facts about perimenopause including information about what hormones are affected, and potential signs and symptoms such as moodiness and sleeplessness, low mood, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, shorter/heavier/painful periods, and insulin resistance;
  • The benefits of functional testing and Sarah’s favourite hormonal testing;
  • Unpacking stress during perimenopause, including how stress, parenting and lifestyle can impact the health of our HPA axis;
  • The benefits of self-care in the management of perimenopause; 
  • Discover how exposure to morning light and limiting evening light can help regulate your sleep cycle and support overall well-being;
  • The importance of sleep during this stage of life and some manageable tips for improving sleep during the disruptive sleep phase perimenopause brings;
  • Jess and Sarah touch on alcohol and how it can disrupt perimenopause;
  • We encourage rewarding oneself in wholesome ways, such as enjoying a hot bath or a walk in nature. 

Join us in this enlightening conversation and make your perimenopause journey healthier and more manageable.

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