Welcome back to our environmental allergies series. In this week’s podcast episode we are focusing on asthma. If you missed previous episodes on dust mite allergies, and managing hayfever, grasses and pollens be sure to check out the links below. 

I start this episode with a personal story of a previous client of mine, a teenage footballer who showed a lot of promise but his asthma was holding him back. This client had been managing asthma since he was young and relied on medications and inhalers for relief. We made some big shifts with his diet, focused on environmental triggers and gut microbiome, and popped him on a personalised supplement regime. The result? He was no longer reliant on his medications and his inhalers, even his doctor was impressed. 

In this episode, we will be taking a deeper look at asthma, as well as:

  • Key points when it comes to asthma;
    • Addressing underlying inflammation;
    • Dietary changes;
    • Improving the gut microbiome;
    • Improving immune regulation;
  • The modern medical approach and what we can do alongside medications;
  • How genetics plays a big role including information about the “allergic march“;
  • Identifying and addressing dietary & environmental triggers that exacerbate asthma;
    • Including dust mites, grasses, pollens and mould;
    • Dairy, especially A1 casein protein, sulfites & additives;
  •  The beneficial supplements to include to reduce inflammation and asthma:
    • Omega 3;
    • Quercetin;
    • Bromelain;
  • Plus dietary changes you can make to reduce inflammation in kids;
  • The impacts the gut has on respiratory symptoms, including the link between the gut-lung axis;
  • Gut healing foods you can incorporate to improve gut function;
  • The benefits of Vitamin D, and the link between Vitamin D levels and asthma in children.

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