Welcome to the first episode of our brand new environmental allergies podcast series. We will be diving into the most common allergies we see in our Natural Super Kids community and with our members in the Natural Super Kids Klub. This podcast series will include episodes on pollens, grasses, mould, and then we will move on to asthma and how this fits in with environmental allergies.

In this week’s episode, we will be discussing a very common environmental allergy, which is dust mites, and will be sharing the following insights with you:

  • What an allergy is, and the concerning statistics we see here in Australia and in the Western World when it comes to allergies;
  • How the hygiene hypothesis could explain some of the underlying causes of an increase in allergies;
  • The signs and symptoms of a dust mite allergy;
  • The red flag symptoms that will help you determine whether a dust mite allergy is present, including:
    • Symptoms improve when away from the source (ie: when you’re on holiday);
    • Symptoms appear all year round (not seasonal like pollens);
    • Symptoms are worse overnight and in the morning;
  • I will share the #1 action step you can implement as a parent to improve dust mite allergies and my top tips to reduce dust exposure;
  • We will chat about the link between humidity and dust mites;
  • The number one room in the house that breeds dust mites;
  • Plus, our naturopathic approach to supporting kids with dust mite allergies, including the link to the gut microbiome, the specific probiotic strains to use, and our favourite nutrients to incorporate. 

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