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With the cold weather setting in, you might have noticed that your children fall sick far more frequently. But the good news is that this is perfectly normal and even healthy!

The immune system, with all its complexity, plays a crucial role in protecting our children from infections and fostering their well-being. It’s important to recognise that there are differences between our immunity as adults and the immune system of our children. By gaining a deeper understanding of how their immune system works and what is realistic in terms of their health, we can better support their overall well-being.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The immune system and how it works differently in children compared to adults;
  • How understanding the young immune system is key to supporting our children’s health:
    • Innate immune system vs adaptive immune system;
    • Why children get sick more frequently and its impact on your child’s immune system.
  • The role of inflammation in your child’s health;
  • The factors that optimise immune function in kids:
    • Breast milk;
    • Vaginal birth;
    • Immune system nutrients;
    • A healthy gut.
  • The factors that negatively impact your childrens’ immune function:
    • Modern diet and lifestyle;
    • Poor sleep habits;
    • Stress;
    • Environmental toxins;
    • Poor gut health.
  • The best indicator of a robust immune system in children;
  • The modern medical approach to infection and immunity and its potential downsides;
  • How embracing a natural approach to immunity and infections supports long-term immune development in children.

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