We’ve all been there – the cold weather arrives, and suddenly, little ones are plagued with painful ear infections. It’s a situation that sends parents rushing to the doctor’s office, hoping for a quick fix in the form of antibiotics. But what if we told you there might be a healthier, holistic approach to infections in children?

While we believe that antibiotics are effective in certain situations, they often won’t help in ear infections. Most ear infections are viral in origin, so these medications are usually unnecessary and are not the first step for ear infections. In fact, Australian guidelines advise against immediate antibiotic use. It’s recommended to observe and explore alternative solutions while waiting for the infection to go away on its own. 

In today’s podcast, I will shed light on the most common causes of ear infections and empower you with tips on how to manage them naturally.

I will discuss:

  • The #1 allergenic food associated with recurrent ear infections;
  • Specific vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that predispose children to ear infections;
  • Three home remedies for your child’s ear infections.

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  • If you want to learn about how you can manage ear infections without antibiotics, book a consultation with our team here. 

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