Low iron in children is more common than you might think. Many kids have low iron stores, or they may struggle to build their iron levels up.

Iron deficiency is something we see a lot here at Natural Super Kids – whether we spot it in their presenting symptoms, or it’s the primary reason that their parents seek our advice.

For many kids, boosting up iron levels is not as simple as taking a supplement. It’s important to address the underlying causes to see significant improvements.

In this podcast episode, I will be sharing:

  • The signs and symptoms of low iron in children;
  • Causes of low iron in children including how maternal iron deficiency can affect children, plus much more. 
  • How to check iron levels in children, including testing; 
  • Food sources of iron, and what you need to know about heme vs non-heme sources plus information regarding how they are absorbed differently in the body; 
  • What you can do to improve absorbability, and what inhibits iron absorption. 
  • Which supplements are best for your child, as well as dosage, best forms of iron and why it’s not a good idea to supplement if you don’t have a deficiency.

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