Our kids are living in an anxiety-promoting world. There is so much stimulation out there thanks to modern technology, which gives their brains a lot to process. Some even say that anxiety is a normal and rational reaction to the modern world.

Anxiety is the second most common mental health disorder among children in Australia. It is more common in girls than boys, but boys can still have a hard time with anxiety.  As a Mum of a child who experiences anxiety, I know firsthand how tricky it can be to manage, which is why I love helping as many parents as possible in this area. 

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The difference between feeling anxious vs having anxiety;
  • Common signs and symptoms of anxiety in children;
  • The most common contributors including:
    • Gut-brain connection;
    • Screen time
    • Lack of physical activity
    • Quality of sleep
    • Diet and nutrition
  • The Natural Super Kids naturopathic approach to managing anxiety in children which involves:
    • Validating the child’s fears and emotions;
    • Addressing underlying triggers;
    • Dietary factors that contribute to anxiety in children
    • Particular dietary changes that can benefit anxiety in children;
    • Nutritional supplements that can be beneficial in supporting children with anxiety.

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