In today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing a bit more about the Natural Super Kids Klub with you. How it came about, what is included in the Klub, and what it’s all about.

We are also going to be hearing from some of our beautiful Natural Super Kids Klub members. About their insight into what it’s like being a Klub member and what they love about being a Klub member. Also, the benefits they’ve noticed in their family’s health from being a member of the Klub.

Sally is going to talk about how the Klub has improved her kid’s mood and sleep. Courtney, on the other hand, discusses how the Klub helped with improving her boys’ allergic tolerance, and eliminating her kids’ congestion and asthmatic cough. And lastly, Belle shares her and her son’s struggle with ear infections and how she was able to finally break that antibiotic cycle.  They also talk about their favourite Klub recipes and how the Klub has helped them to become better mums.


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How are you going today? I hope you’re well. 

There is a lot of excitement happening here at Natural Super Kids this week. Because we are welcoming new members to the Natural Super Kids Klub. This only happens a couple of times a year, and we get excited! Me and the Natural Super Kids team because it means that we are able to support and inspire more families to boost the health and nutrition of their kids. 

In today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing a bit more about the Natural Super Kids Klub with you. How it came about, what is included in the Natural Super Kids Klub, and what it’s all about. Also, we are going to be hearing from some of our beautiful Klub members. About their insight into what it’s like being a Klub member, and what they love about being a Klub member. Also the benefits they’ve noticed in their family’s health from being a member of the Klub. So that’s what we’ve got in store for you today. 

The Natural Super Kids Klub is our online membership program. I started the Klub three and a half years ago, because I was getting lots of questions. We had a six-week program called Natural Super Kids, and lots of people were going through the program. But then what next? You know, lots of people were asking, “What’s next? What do we do now that we finished the program? We’ve got all these foundational pieces in place but what are we doing now?” So that sparked the first idea that I had about an ongoing membership program.

Because let’s face it, raising healthy kids is an ongoing project. It’s a continual work in progress. We don’t learn a few things about feeding our kids a healthier dinner or improving our kids gut health. Then we don’t have to worry about it anymore. So that’s how the Klub first came about. And really what the Natural Super Kids Klub is, it’s a one stop shop. It’s where you can get all of the ideas, the inspiration, information, and support to raise healthy and happy kids. And it’s important because I think in our busy lives as mums or as parents in general, we know that our kids’ health is important.

But it’s not until things start to go wrong with our kids health or they start to develop a new symptom, or they are diagnosed with a condition that we might start to pay attention. So as a Natural Super Kids Klub member, you are continually getting reminders of small steps that you can take. Little tweaks that you can make to your family’s diet, the foods that they’re eating to their lifestyle, to improve the overall health and nutrition of your family. So yes, we focus on kids’ health, but most of the content that we share, the information that we share is translatable to adults, too. What our Klub members tell us is that their health improves and their partner or husband’s health improves as a result of being a Klub member. 

I just want to talk a little bit about the types of people that join the Natural Super Kids Klub. By the way, if you’re interested in finding out more, you can click on the link in our show notes. It will take you over to the page which explains all, and you can join there for a limited time only. So if you are listening to this later, then you may want to just pop your name on the waitlist. If you click on that link, that will lead you to the information about the Klub. If we’re not open, you’ll get directed to the waitlist. 

Just to give you dates because I know people come back to old podcast episodes and listen. We are opening the Klub on the 9th of March, Tuesday and we are closing the doors in the evening of the 15th of March. So we’re only open for a few days. If you are lucky and listening to this podcast episode within that time, then definitely go on over and check out the Klub. 

So there’s sort of two groups of parents that are joining the Klub. We do get a lot of members who joined because their child has a particular health symptom or health condition that they want to look into a bit more. That they want some solutions for. So we have lots of parents that joined the Klub because their kids have eczema or allergies. Mood or behavioural imbalances. Sleep problems or tummy problems and those kinds of things.

We also have a whole heap of Klub members that have healthy kids with no sort of concerning health symptoms or conditions. These parents generally want to take a more proactive or preventative approach to their kids’ health. And you know, either of those is fantastic. I think if you’re feeding kids, then the Klub is going to be really valuable for you. We do have a lot of resources in building up your kids’ health or navigating particular health conditions such as eczema or allergies. We have a lot of general advice, information and inspiration in the Klub as well. How to get more nutrition into your kids’ meals. How to improve your kids’ lifestyle, get them off the screens, and out, outside.  

When you join the Klub as a new member, you get directed straightaway to a quiz. This quiz helps you figure out where you’re at at the moment in terms of your kids’ health, and nutrition. We give you a score in four areas. Those four areas, we’ve talked about these on the podcast before. I’ll link to our Four Pillars of Healthy Kids episode where we went into a bit more detail in these four pillars. Food and nutrition is one. Reducing toxins and chemicals is two. Healthy lifestyle is three, and using natural medicines to support your kids’ health is number four. We give you a score in each of these areas, and that gives you a really good idea on what you should be focusing on next. What you might like to focus on to improve one of those particular scores.

So we really make a big effort to make the Klub really easy to navigate. To find what’s going to be most helpful for you. We really put a big effort into making sure the information we share is easy to understand. And we don’t use hard to understand jargon or naturopathic terms or anything like that. We are using real life language that is easy to understand. So we encourage you to start to think about improving your scores in each of these areas. As I said, you can go back to our past podcast episode on the four pillars of healthy kids to give you a bit more information in there.  

One of the big pieces of feedback that we get from the mums in our community is that they feel more supported and more confident in what to do when their kids do get sick. Or when they do come across a challenge. Whether that is a fussy eating stage or their kids are getting sick with ear infections, or colds or coughs. Things like that. The Klub is great for learning that sort of preventative proactive approach. But it’s also full of resources that can help when things as they do come up with your kids. Part of the point that I made before about kids’ health being a continual work in progress, is that our kids’ health needs change.

You know, whether that is because they’re going through a new developmental stage. Or whether they are having a new health issue that has popped up. There’s all kinds of different reasons. But what our kids need as toddlers is quite different to what our kids might need as teenagers. And the challenges that they’re presented with. We have Klub members that have newborn babies all the way up to teenagers. And we’ve got lots of really helpful information across all of those age ranges as well. The Natural Super Kids Klub is an online one-stop shop where you can get the expert support that you need to raise healthy and happy kids.

The really big part of our membership is that you get access to experts. Naturopaths, not just me. We have another naturopath on our team, Susan, and Hayley, a fussy eating expert, who are in the Klub ready to support you. We also have our beautiful community manager, Chloe, who is really helpful in terms of helping you find what you need in the Klub. Helping you find answers that you need in the Klub. She is also in charge of our challenges that we run in the Klub, and the prizes that we give out. So we really try and make it a very interactive and fun environment as well. 

As a Klub member, you get access to our membership portal. This is where you log in, and see all of the contents. The videos, cheat sheets, recipes, the meal plans, and then you get access to our Facebook group community. That’s where you can get Naturopathic support. You can get other members’ supporting you and answering questions. We’ve got so much wisdom in our collective community of mums. It’s just amazing, and everyone’s really helpful. It is a very safe place to ask questions. Everyone is very respectful and so we love the Klub community.  

There are two different areas to the Klub membership. To give you an idea when you join as a Klub member, you get access to all of our past contents that we’ve created over the last three and a half years. Every month we release new content. On the first Monday of every month, we release a new bundle of recipes and a cooking demo that our wholefoods chef and naturopath, Susan, creates for us. The second Monday of the month, we release a new video and this is generally done by me. It might be a video training in a particular area related to kids’ health. It might be a chat with another expert related to kids’ health or parenting.

So that really varies and we’ve got a whole heap of different subjects that we’ve covered in those videos. We try and keep our videos short, sharp, to the point. So we’re not expecting you to watch hour-long videos every month or anything like that. They’re generally somewhere between 10 minutes, up to about 40 minutes, our videos. Then on the third Monday of every month we release a new cheat sheet. These are really handy to save onto your computer or printout. They can give you a quick answer to a particular challenge or issue or goal that you might have.  

For example, we have a cheat sheet on coughs, colds and flus. So if your child gets a cold, what do you do? What supplements can you give them, what foods are best? Those sorts of things. We have a cheat sheet on different probiotics and their uses. So you’ve got a good easy-to-access chart that tells you what probiotic is going to be best for your child at that particular point. We base our cheat sheets on the questions that we get asked a lot in the Klub. We release a new cheat sheet every month.

Then every week in our Klub community, we do our famous Ask the Naturopath sessions. This is where I go live and answer the questions that have been asked within our Klub community. They range from all sorts of different things related to families’ health at all. I love, love, love my Thursday morning lives in our Klub community. Once I’ve answered your question, I tag you, and I pop what time in the video I’ve answered your question. So it’s really easy for you to find the answers that you need. That gives you a bit of a rundown of the Klub.

As I said, I don’t want you to just take it from me. We do have the doors open currently, and it is only for a limited time. So make sure you click across and check it out if you’re at all interested. Now, I want to introduce you to our first Klub member – Sally!

Sally has been in the Klub for I think over a year now. She is going to talk about how the Klub has improved her kids’ mood and sleep. Sally’s going to talk about how she discovered a particular imbalance or condition that her son had based on some information that was shared in the Klub. She shares how her kids are now trying more foods. And talks about her favourite recipes in the Klub. How she uses the Klub meal plans, and how the Klub has really helped to save her time as a busy mom. So here’s Sally…

Sally: Yeah, just all the things in the Klub kind of made me realise there’s a whole world that I didn’t know about. Tons of courses and things defined. And yes, your knowledge and the tips has been really useful in finding out some other health issues that kids have got. And now treating and I’ve got very happy, healthy children. Well, we’re on a road to recovery but much happier children. And much healthier children now, which is great!

Jess: Oh, that’s amazing! Can you tell us some of the specific kind of improvements you’ve noticed in your kids’ health?  

Sally: Yeah, definitely. We’ve had a few consultations with yourself and now I’m using the resources. My little guy who’s got a sort of condition called Pyrrole disorder which we didn’t know about. Until we joined the Klub and worked it out. He’s now taking the right supplements which I would never have found out. And he’s now sleeping all night and a much happier little kid. Whereas before, we just had meltdown after meltdown after battle to everything. He’s a little guy that’s loving and caring and yeah, changed child. So that’s been a huge improvement with him. Food-wise now, he’s trying more foods which is great.

Sally: He’s been super fussy eater, now he’s trying more food. It’s just kind of going “Oh, why are you eating that?”. And kind of getting a bit more interested, which is also really helpful. It’s good with the recipes knowing you can fall back on all the recipes. Knowing what actually they’ve been looked at by a nutritionist and they’re healthy, you know. They’ve got content that you need, rather than just pulling packets out the cupboard. Or things that you would otherwise go to and grab. So it’s quite useful.

Sally: The recipes have been good in terms of, there’s meal plans you can use. I tend to kind of have a look at the meal plans and go, “That doesn’t suit us, that doesn’t suit us.” But you get some things in and out. So you kind of got a base to go from rather than sitting down from scratch with it. It’s like, “What am I gonna buy this week?”.

Jess: Yes, yes, exactly. And that’s a good point, because we have the kind of done-for-you meal plans. Which tell you what you can feed your kids for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. But our members use them in different ways. I think, some of our members sort of follow them exactly. And others, like you just kind of use them as inspiration. But you can follow those meal plans, however you like, really. And that’s great to know that you’ve been utilising the recipes because you’re a busy working mom, aren’t you?

Jess: I mean, you don’t have a lot of spare time. So yeah, do you find that the Klub… A lot of moms that are thinking about joining think, “Oh, but it’s another thing that I’m gonna have to do. I don’t have time for it.” So has it helped in that respect for you?

Sally: Yes, yeah. At first, I kind of felt the same. I was like, “Oh, it’s another thing I’m joining up to. It’s gonna be more time on my phone and more time on looking at things.” And actually, the more I got into it, the more I realised how much it was kind of going to help me. Like prep things upfront and you’ve got the recipe to go to rather searching through things. And going, “What am I gonna make? What’s healthy, what’s not, what can I?” You can search in the Klub.

Sally: Even if it’s not food related, you can search in the Klub or something. And you’ve got an easy answer there rather than spending hours looking for things, research names or googling. And so I feel like it has been useful in that respect. I felt like the more time I spent on it, the more I’m kind of drawn into learn more. I want to understand more and I want to find stuff out. So I feel like it’s not just a waste of my time on googling stuff. I’m kind of actually learning stuff that’s helpful rather than being sporadic.

Jess: Yeah, great point. Because we can spend a lot of time researching and trying to find the right resource. And you know, our goal with the Klub is to have this one-stop shop where you can find a trusted resource. So you don’t have to spend that time kind of trawling the net.

Sally: Yeah, there’s a level of trust. And that helps with the brilliant ask sessions as well. Because you’ve got the Ask Naturopath sessions that you do every week. If you can’t find the resource, somebody can just put the question out there and people might comment along the way. And often you guys ask the question before even gets to be asked. That’s really useful to have. That session there, was kind of a fallback to go, “Well, I’ve looked at this. I can’t find any help. You know, help me on this one.”

Jess: Yeah. 

Sally: It’s really useful. And also searching back through some of those ask sessions where people have asked questions. You often get an answer that you were going to ask that question anyway. So…

Jess: Yeah, yeah. Okay. That’s great to hear! By the way, if you’re watching live, feel free to say “Hi!” in the comments. We’d love to know who’s here and you can ask any questions that you have, to either me or Sally. If you’re watching the replay and you’ve got questions, you can post them below as well. I’ll come back and answer those. So on the recipes, I’ve just got another question for you. What are some of your favourite Klub recipes? 

Sally: Yep. So my favourites. One of them is the homemade bites. The kitchen pharmacy section, which I loved in I think it was May? Was it May, April or May? 

Jess: Yeah. I think it was May.

Sally: Which is sort of all recipes that kind of help your health, I guess. And there was one called the homemade bites, which is, as said it’s a bit like a bliss ball. But I feel it was a bit healthier? They were just so yummy! Even the kids ate them, and it was nice. Actually, I could gift them and I could make up front. We had enough for the week and I still make them now and kind of grab as you go. Rather than reaching for a packet of crisps or something that’s not quite so healthy. So that was that. That’s one of my favourites. The applesauce there was a healthier kind of applesauce recipe which you make. My little guy loves that on his porridge in the mornings, which has been good. I can sneak some healthy extras in there.

Jess: Yes. That was a gut-healing applesauce. So it’s got lots of gut-healing ingredients. It’s a good way to get some of those really nourishing gut ingredients into kids really easily, isn’t it?

Sally: Yeah, they asked for it for dessert now sometimes and I’m like, “Yeah sure!”

Jess: Yay! Yeah! 

Sally: They look at me as if I’m crazy that like… “Oh, what happened to you?” So that was good. And then another good one is, there was like a healthy hot chocolate. Which really…

Jess: Yes, happy hot chocolate.

Sally: Yeah, reaching for the salad one and it sounds just as good. But kind of, you feel like you’re cheating a bit because you’re having the healthy self. It actually tastes really nice too.

Jess: How good is that? I hope you enjoyed listening to Sally’s insight about being a Klub member. And since we had that chat with some gut investigation, Sally found out that her son and daughter had a parasite. And we were able to get on top of that. Now that parasite test has been clear, she has noticed even more improvements in her kids’ mood and behaviour since eliminating this parasite. With some really realistic, practical kind of strategies that didn’t take over her life. So that’s a big win for Sally as well. 

Jess: Now, I want to introduce you to another one of our beautiful members, Courtney. Courtney has two boys and lives in Melbourne. She is going to share a bit about how the Klub has helped with improving her boys’ allergic tolerance. Eliminating her kids’ congestion and asthmatic cough. And just how the Klub has helped her feel more empowered as a mother. So I’ll hand you over to Courtney.

Courtney: Two young boys. One’s 4, the other one’s nearly 2, and a husband. And ever since early on, both boys have had numerous allergies, eczema. Yeah, chronic congestion. So it just ended up in lots of trips to the doctors and allergy testing. Every time there’d be a new allergy added to the list, and they just didn’t really seem to be any sort of quick fix, or not even quick fixes. Just any sort of practical tips that could actually improve their health.

Courtney: Then it sort of got to the point where for my youngest, who was not quite 1 at the time. They suggested for the asthmatic cough to introduce steroids and I just didn’t feel right about it. And I thought there must be something else that I can do. That’s when I came across The Natural Super Kids Klub and I thought, ” Well, you know, what have I got to lose?”. I’ve got to give it a go. Just to know that I’ve explored all other options.

Jess: Yeah, yeah.

Courtney: Yeah, a lot of doctors I found, wouldn’t really give you much time. It was sort of, try this lotion, try this medication. But never really looked deeper into why the allergies kept increasing. Or if there was any other avenue to explore. So yeah, I ended up here. 

Jess: Yay! And you’ve been a member for quite a while. Do you remember when you joined?

Courtney: I think it must have been about March 2020. So it was sort of really good timing because it was just as we went into lockdown. It was lovely, actually. In timing-wise to have that support over the huge amount of time we had at home. It sort of coincided well, so that I had a bit more time to try and implement new things at home. Yeah.

Jess: Yeah. So it sounds like you kind of came across Natural Super Kids and you’re having these health challenges. And as the medical approach often is with things like eczema and allergies, there was only these kind of band aid solutions being offered. But you wanted to dig a bit deeper. So that’s what inspired you to join the Klub initially, is it?

Courtney: Yeah, absolutely. I’ve heard of some people having success through naturopathic treatment. I had never really had any naturopathic treatment myself. But I just thought, you know, what’s there to lose? I’ve just got to give it a go and I’m so glad I did.

Jess: Yeah! Okay, so can you tell us a bit about what you most enjoy about being a Klub member?

Courtney: I really love just the Facebook group, the support there. Just a click away and you’ve got any sort of question that comes up and you can ask any question, really. I find that any questions isn’t a stupid question. It’s just a whole community of like-minded mums there and dads. So it’s just quite when things come up, you can bounce things around. I do love that aspect. Obviously, I love the recipes as well which is really handy for any kind of dietary changes. There’s always different sort of substitutions that you can use. Some that’s even open my eyes up there, to different ways you can cook food.

Courtney: Things like bone broth, and things like that I’d never even tried before. It’s now just a weekly thing that I make so, and just how to assess food. Like when you’re at the supermarket, I feel so much more confident now buying quality food. What to look for, and what to avoid. You know, I thought we had a pretty good diet before I joined and in most cases we did. But there’s just education on additives and preservatives, and all those sort of things that I don’t think many people are educated on. So yeah, that’s been a big aspect too.

Jess: Yes! Love hearing that. And you’re right, there’s so much confusion around that. The food marketers, you know, make it really hard for us to figure out whether a food is healthy and whether it’s not. So I love that you gained that confidence in little tweaks that you can make. That can really make a big difference to food. That you’re feeding, as you’re feeding your family. You mentioned recipes that you like. Have you got any favourite Klub recipes that you’d like to tell us about? 

Courtney: Yes. Well, one definite favourite at the moment is the beef empanadas. They are delicious! My husband wouldn’t even know that they are quite nutritious. Yeah, everyone loves those. My 4-year-old loves the beetroot chocolate cake. Again, I don’t disclose what’s in there but they all devour that and think it’s just amazing. Then all the cheat sheets. The cold and flu homemade remedies that you can make, which I think really do make a difference too. It just feels like you’re doing something positive for your family’s health, you know?

Courtney: Even when they’ve got a cold, so it’s, yeah. The turmeric fish, we really like as well. We’ve actually been able to include a bit more. A few more fish dishes into our weekly meals, which has been great as well. And I guess the other thing I’ve learned is just how to balance a meal a bit more in terms of snacks. And just the family meals in general. Just be you know, proteins and fats, and I guess, how to fill them up and keep them a bit more satisfied for longer. So that’s been really good too. 

Jess: Yeah, oh that’s great! And you’ve just reminded me of quite a few recipes. I’m like, “Oh, I haven’t had that one for a while”. I think with fish, a lot of families don’t eat a lot of fish because they don’t really know what to do with it. We do have quite a few fish and seafood recipes in the Klub, because they’re so important. Like they provide so many important nutrients like omega-3 and iodine. Which a lot of kids are lacking. So yeah…

Courtney: Make it a bit more interesting.

Jess: Yes, exactly. Rather than just fish on a plate with some veggies or salad. And for anyone listening, we’ve got a wholefood chef, Susan, onboard the Natural Super Kids team. She creates all of our recipes. So by using the recipes in the Klub, you can have that assurance that your kids’ nutrient needs are being met. And as you said, Courtney, there’s bits and pieces that you might not have thought about putting into recipes or different recipes. Like bone broth that are just a norm for you now. That it’s so nutritious and so great for gut health, particularly with kids that are challenged with allergies and eczema and that sort of thing. And it’s just a normal part of your kitchen routine now. So I love that! 

Jess: Yeah, what about health improvements? What health improvements have you noticed in your kids since being a Klub member?

Courtney: Well, my youngest, he had chronic congestion. Just always a runny nose for months before I joined and within two weeks I think it was of making a few dietary changes. Introducing some supplements and some different foods, that is cleared up. So that’s gone! He has asthmatic cough which was there every night, disappeared as well. His eczema has vastly improved. I’m no longer having to try and avoid putting steroid cream on or I mean, knowing what to do next. It just empowers you. You feel like you’ve got some tools in your belt.

Courtney: My eldest, he has definitely started to tolerate a few more foods that he wasn’t able to before. We’re just continuing to work on his gut health. Just keep introducing those foods, slowly but surely. He’s definitely tolerating things a lot better.

Jess: I really hope that hearing from Courtney gives those mums that have kids with allergies and eczema, some hope. Because when we take our kids to the doctor with allergies, there’s not a lot that we are offered. We are told to remove the offending foods from the diet and we’re given some emergency medication, generally. It’s all about managing the symptoms and avoiding the problematic food or environmental trigger. There are things that can be done that can improve that allergic tolerance. And it’s really important to be working on this with kids that have those allergy tendencies. So thank you to Courtney for sharing her story. 

Jess: And last up, we have Belle. Oh I just love Belle’s story about how she came across the Klub. It was actually a doctor, a GP that recommended the Klub to her. I just love that. Belle talks about her ongoing struggle with ear infections. Recurring ear infections in her son and how she was able to break that antibiotic cycle, finally. With what she learned in the Klub, and just become more aware of the simple changes that she could make as a mum.

Jess: She also shares about how the Klub has made her feel much more empowered and confident as a mom. You know, we don’t learn about how to tackle our kids’ health issues when we’re pregnant. There’s no guidebook for that. So the Klub really is a great resource for improving that confidence as a mum when your kids do get sick. Or things do go downhill with your kids’ health. So yeah, I look forward to sharing Belle’s story with you next. 

Belle: I’ve got two little boys. One’s 2 and one’s nearly 6. I’m pregnant with my third, and it’s actually a funny story. I’ve never really heard of Jess’s business, Natural Super Kids up until about three years ago. I was at breaking point and failed assignments. Just constantly sick all the time and ear infection. Ended up with a Staph infection, quite severe all over his body. My anxiety was high. I was so stressed because I thought another thing on top of maintenance and health. And I just remember being at a shopping centre, and I was just so anxious. I thought to myself, I just want to get another opinion from a doctor.

Belle: I went to this GP that was initially staffed, and I just actually broke down. Because I was only a few weeks postpartum with my youngest. And I said to them, “I just need help. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m always sick, there’s always something wrong…” I’m always at doctors’ following up. And I remember the doctor saying to me, “One thing that you can do, one piece of advice I will give you. I’ll give you the lady’s name, the name’s Jess. Go home and join her Facebook, and just follow some of the tools she has.”. I had no idea what you were about. It was a whole new world for me and I thought, okay. I went home, I started doing some research. 

Belle: A few months later, you had the Facebook group where you can join the membership. From there, it just sort of my whole life changed with my children. I think even up until just recently, this week, my son had a really sore ear through the night. His ear infection dropped dramatically since being in the group. I started him on probiotics. Just things that we’re doing working together with you. So we implemented and just recently this week, he had a really sore ear. I always feel a little bit anxious when he gets to sleep. And I think, oh we’re going back to that stage that we were a couple of years ago.

Belle: I did take him to the GP this week and they did give me a script of antibiotic. And I went home and I didn’t use it. I thought, I just want to see how he goes without it, and practice some of the things that we have. And so, I tried the garlic oil for a couple of days and he’s completely fine today. For me, that was a real achievement. Just now, I feel like I’ve got confidence in myself. I’m in a place now where I can use what I feel is right to help him get through those situations, rather than constantly getting a script of antibiotics. Which I believe was just a vicious cycle as to why I couldn’t get his health were it was meant to be. 

Jess: Yes, yes. I just love that story. You only shared that in the Klub a few months ago that a doctor had actually recommended me. I would love to know who that doctor was because he said it was a feeling doctor. You don’t even know the doctor, you don’t even remember the doctor’s name. So I just think that’s incredible that a doctor sort of gave you some different advice, rather than just another script for antibiotics. And it’s something we’ve been talking a lot recently in our Facebook Lives. You know, antibiotics are great. We’re lucky to have access to them when we need them but they are over-prescribing often when it comes to ear infections. Particularly their viral anyway.

Jess: So antibiotics aren’t always going to be effective. You get in this sort of cycle like your son was where he takes antibiotics that lowers the immune system. Depletes the microbiome, gut health. So then he’s more prone to getting another infection and so the kind of cycle goes. You’re that perfect. That’s a really good example of that antibiotic cycle and how you were able to get off it. I love that story and I love that you came across us a few years ago, and that it’s changed. So what are some of the improvements that you’ve noticed in your kids? Is there anything else besides the immune stuff?

Belle: Yeah, I’ll probably just say, the immune stuff with my children. But also me growing as a mother to them for my confidence. For me, I’ve been questioning and always relying on what doctors would say. Like you said with the antibiotics. Now, a lot of the times when I was talking to doctors back then he was getting prescribed antibiotics for viral reasons. That were just completely ruining the immune system, when he didn’t really need it. So for me, it’s probably been my growth as a mum to them and growing in their confidence to just really be able to say, I’m actually just gonna hang it out a couple of days and see how we go. Not just going straight to that script.

Belle: I’m not against it but they’re there for a reason. And I believe that they’re there for needed reasons as well. I just was at the point where I think I was just relying on them, every single sickness that we’ll come across. So now I feel like apart from that overall health and immunity in themselves, their nutrition is another big thing. For me, the types of foods and a lot of the recipes that you have on the website, I’m following those… I think it was you who taught us about the sugar and half of 30 minutes after they have that sugary takeout, completely drops immune system. So I’m so conscious of things like that when my children have birthday parties. I think it’s just been, I’m really aware and having that knowledge on hand. And then putting it into practice, when I feel it’s needed.

Jess: Belle’s story is a very special one to me, because that’s really what I’m all about. Empowering parents to be able to take charge of their family’s health. Not feel lost and kind of not know where to turn next. And so I just love what Belle had to share. There are the words from our three members and I really do hope that that gives you a bit more of an insight. Rather than just hearing it from me about what the Natural Super Kids Klub is all about. And what is possible for the members of the Natural Super Kids Klub as well.

Lastly, I just want to say that we need to take responsibility as parents. You know, there are a lot of downsides to our Western diet and lifestyle. And our kids are being exposed to more and more chemicals and toxins than they ever have before. To more processed foods and additives and an unhealthy lifestyle. Our kids are spending much more time indoors than they ever have before. And these things are all having a detrimental effect on our kids’ overall health and well-being both now and into the future. So, being a part of the Natural Super Kids Klub gives you those constant reminders.

Really easy and practical, and easy to implement resources that you can start to make changes in. Make tweaks with, for your kids or your family’s diet and lifestyle, and overall health. We don’t have unrealistic expectations of our members, we are all busy mums ourselves. So we understand the challenges that are in the way these days. It’s all about doing the things that you can do. Those small steps really do add up over time to improving your family’s well-being. So I really do hope that you’ll go on over and check out the Natural Super Kids Klub. That’s giving you more of an insight into what it’s all about. We are only open for a limited time.

So we are closing the doors on Monday, the… just checking the date again to make sure I’ve got that right. Monday, the 15th of March, the doors will be closing and we won’t be opening again until much later in the year. There’s nothing to lose, you know, it’s really affordable. That was another big goal for me is, I want to make the Klub an affordable place to be. So you can get started at just $35 there’s no contracts, you can cancel anytime. I promise, even if you’re just in for a month, you will get a whole lot of value for just $35. We do have an annual option where you get extra bonuses. A couple of months free if you commit to the annual.

Of course, you know, this is where you’re going to really gain the most traction. Because we can’t get all the information we need to raise healthy kids in one month. We like to reward people that are making that 12-month commitment with extra bonuses and a couple of months free. So make sure you do check that out and consider it. But if you just want to dip your toes in and give it a try, the monthly option is a perfect fit for you. 

Pease DM me if you have any questions. You can do that on Instagram or you can send us a private message on Facebook. Or you can email us, if you have any questions. For those of you who join, I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you better in the Klub. 

I’ll be back next week for the next podcast episode. Have a great week. Bye bye!


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