In this podcast episode, we are chatting about quite a complex disorder called Pyrrole Disorder. It is a condition that isn’t that well-known in mainstream medicine, but we are seeing more and more of it in clinical practice. Pyrrole disorder is an imbalance in the body that affects the synthesis of haemoglobin and causes the body to overproduce a substance called HPL. HPL goes on to deplete the body of crucial nutrients, primarily zinc, B6, and magnesium. We often see Pyrrole Disorder linked to conditions such as anxiety, OCD, ADHD and many mental health conditions. 

For this episode, I am joined by naturopath, nutritionist, and herbalist Ross Walter, who specialises in complex cases and is passionate about helping people with their health through nutrition, lifestyle advice, and the use of holistic modalities, and education.

In this episode, Ross and I dive deeper into pyrrole disorder and we discuss: 

  • More about pyrrole disorder and its causes;
  • What happens to the body of someone with Pyrrole Disorder;
  • We discuss the symptoms and range of conditions associated with pyrrole disorder and what to look out for;
  • How to test for pyrrole disorder, and what the tests can tell us;
  • What the key treatment considerations are for pyrrole disorder;
  • Plus much more. 

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