This episode is a bit different from our regular episodes as we are deep diving into the complexities of MTHFR gene mutations, methylation, and histamine intolerance. So make sure you’ve had a coffee, the brain is switched on and you’re ready to learn from our experienced, and highly-qualified guest naturopath Joanne Kennedy in this episode. 

Through Joanne’s extensive knowledge of methylation and other biochemical pathways, Joanne has helped hundreds of patients with chronic health issues finally heal. Joanne also specialises in digestion & gut health, women’s hormones, and chronic skin conditions.

In this episode, you can look forward to learning: 

  • What is the MTHFR gene mutation;
  • How the MTHFR gene mutation affects our health;
  • How the MTHFR mutation affects children;
  • The link between allergies and intolerances in children with an MTHFR mutation;
  • How MTHFR mutations are linked with ASD and mood disorders;
  • Joanne dives deeper into her specialty area of women’s hormones and shares why women with MTHFR mutations are more likely to experience problems with hormone imbalances;

Episode Links:

  • Check out Joanne Kennedy’s website here.
  • Follow Joanne Kennedy on Instagram here.