When it comes to disciplining our kids, we often lean on the ways we were disciplined as a child. But is this really the best way going forward? In Episode 103, I sat down with Sarah Bolitho from Secure Foundations to discuss reimagining discipline. 

Sarah Bolitho is a Master’s Qualified Child and Filial Play Therapist and an Early Years Consultant. With over a decade of experience working in mental health and child protection, Sarah founded her business Secure Foundations to deliver practical and professional support, online resources, and in-person workshops to parents, agencies, and other professionals. 

Sarah is especially passionate about understanding the needs and functions of child behaviour through the lens of relationships. In this episode we discuss:

  • Why it’s important to break generational patterns of parenting, and how we can begin to break the patterns that are often so deeply ingrained in us from our own childhood;
  • Sarah shares her thoughts, approaches, and tips for disciplining children;
  • Plus what we can do when we react to our kids in a way that we might later regret?
  • Plus, much more..

Episode Links:

  • Check out Sarah’s website and offerings here. 
  • Follow Secure Foundations on Instagram.