With school heading back in a few short weeks, we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to our podcast guest Danielle Murray. Danielle is a teacher, mother, and author of two books, who is currently studying a Masters of Child Play Therapy. 

Danielle spent a decade working in primary school classrooms teaching prep/preschool to year three, as well as working in a kindergarten setting. Early childhood is truly her area of passion. Throughout Danielle’s time teaching Prep, she came across parents who felt overwhelmed by the start of school. They had concerns about their child’s readiness, doubts over whether they should send them early or repeat another year of kindergarten, and were unsure how to best prepare their child at home. So with that, Danielle created her own resources to guide parents through this transition. 

During this podcast, Danielle shares with us:

  • How can we help our kids manage their nerves when beginning, or returning to school;
  • Why resilience is so important for our kids and how can we help build resilience in our kids;
  • How we can start to build our kid’s independence and organisation skills before they head off to school;
  • Plus, we fast forward to the first week of school and chat about how we can prepare when it comes to establishing a routine, separation anxiety, and the inevitable after-school meltdowns.

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