Welcome to our very first Natural Super Kids Podcast episode!

Today, I will talk about what Natural Super Kids is all about. What to expect from this podcast, our vision for kids’ health and nutrition. What we offer here as we aim to inspire mums to boost the health and nutrition of their kids. And to seek answers when it comes to their family’s health issues.

I also share my journey as a Naturopath, why I became passionate about kids’ health, my relevant experience in the field and so much more.

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Welcome to our very first Natural Super Kids Podcast episode. Oh, this is so exciting because launching a podcast has been on the cards for me, for a couple of years now. We’ve had a lot of requests from mums in our community to start a podcast and share information this way. And I, myself, am a big podcast listener, they’re just so convenient. Such a convenient way to access information! You can chuck the headphones in and listen while you’re doing some housework. Driving the kids around or going for a walk. And, you know, for us mums, it is all about multitasking. So if we can share, if we can gain information in this way, then that’s a win for everybody. So I love the convenience of podcasts. And I’m so excited to bring information to you in this way.

So here it is! Our very first Natural Super Kids Podcast episode.

I wanted to share a little bit about what we’re all about here at Natural Super Kids. For those of you who are new to Natural Super Kids, or for those of you who have been following us for a while you might have been an avid watcher of my Facebook Live. You might already be a Natural Super Kids Klub member. Or you might just follow us on socials or be on our email list. But it’s good to have a bit of a recap. A summary of what we do here, we really aim to be a one-stop shop for kids health and nutrition. We offer a natural approach for kids health issues such as eczema, allergies, tummy issues, mood and sleep challenges, behavioural issues, and so much more.

We do have a big focus on nutrition. What goes into our kids mouths, every day has a significant impact on their health. So we like to inspire mums with new ideas for healthy meals and quick and easy snacks.  Full good nutrition that’s so important for our kids, and share information for mums. To inform them of the importance of nutrition for kids particularly. We share a lot of strategies for fussy eaters because it is so important for our kids to get good nutrition in every day and fussy eating can be a real hurdle. When it comes to getting that all-important nutrition in.

We aim to inspire mums to boost the health and nutrition of their kids and to seek answers when it comes to their family’s health issues. Not just accept a band aid solution, which is so often, you know the way that it goes when we seek out medical help. And I really love to break down complex science into easy to understand the information and easy to implement strategies that will make a big difference to your family’s overall health. So we offer a few different things here at Natural Super Kids. First and foremost, we offer a lot of free valuable information on kids’ health and nutrition topics. So I have been doing weekly Facebook Lives for quite a few years now that have now, that have also been converted into blog posts that are housed on our naturalsuperkids.com website.

So over there is a whole heap of valuable information that I have shared over the last couple of years. Now, we are converting to podcast episodes a more convenient way for mums to listen and absorb the information that we have to share. We also do online master classes, and social media posts mainly on Facebook and Instagram. To you know, remind mums of different aspects of kids’ health and nutrition and to educate mums about their kids health and nutrition. Now, I’m talking about mums a lot because 99% of our audience are mums. But if you’re a dad listening, you are most welcome to listen too, and to gain this information that I have to share here. So I just want to say dads are definitely welcome but the majority of our audience is mums. And that’s why I refer to you know, mums so much.

Our main offer online is our Natural Super Kids Klub online membership. So this is an easy to access membership site. Again, it’s a one-stop shop for all things kids’ health and nutrition and our members get access to recipes and meal plans and cheat sheets and videos and naturopathic support in our Natural Super Kids Klub Membership, so we only open the membership a few times a year and while we are closed, if you are interested in learning more about it, you can hop on the waitlist and you will be the first to know when the klub opens.

It’s a very popular online platform, very convenient for mums and it is my favourite part of what we do here at Natural Super Kids because I get to form these long lasting relationships with mums who are all on the same page in terms of wanting to improve their kids health and nutrition. Even though everyone is at very different stages and has very different goals that they’re trying to achieve with their kids.

Mums that have kids with health issues such as allergies, or eczema or tummy issues or sleep problems, all the way to mums that just want to make sure that they’re doing the best for their kids’ health and nutrition. We welcome all parents in the Natural Super Kids Klub. And that is something that you know, I guess our main offer when it comes to what we do online. We also offer online consultations. So we have a team of experts here that can help with all things kids’ health and nutrition. We have Susan Thompson, who is our qualified naturopath and whole foods chef, and she offers online naturopathic consultations. And Haley, who’s a registered nutritionist and fussy eating expert. She offers fussy eating packages and consultations for parents that are struggling in that area.

All of the details of both, for both Susan and Haley are over on our website. So you can head on over there if that sounds like something you might be interested in as well. And we have other bits and pieces in terms of online resources. We have eat recipe books, we have a program called Food Foundations for Healthy and Happy Kids. Completely online and kind of sets those important foundations when it comes to our kids nutrition. And what to feed our kids for breakfast and lunch, and snacks and dinner. So all of those good things as well. So lots of things that we offer here, and I guess I should tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Jessica Donovan. I’m a qualified naturopath and I have over 20 years’ experience as a naturopath. I graduated from Naturopathic College in 2000. I’m recording this episode at the very end of 2020. I’ve been a naturopath for over 20 years. I’ve got a whole variety of experience. And I really became obsessed with kids’ health when I became a mum myself 13 years ago. My eldest has just turned 13. So I have just hit the teenage years, I am now a mum of a teenager, I cannot believe that.

So really, it was that journey into parenthood or motherhood myself. That really sparked my interest and kind of created a bit of an obsession with kids’ health. And so that’s when I really started to, you know, research and look into this area a lot more, and I’ll share more about this and how the process of how this all came about. On another episode.

I live in South Australia on the Fleurieu Peninsula, a beautiful part of the world, South of Adelaide. I’m a wife and a mother of two. I have been with my husband since I was 17. We met when I was still at school. He was, he’s a little bit older. So he was not still at school but we have been together for a lot of years. More than half my life, I’ve been with him and we have two children. So as I said, my eldest just turned 13 and my youngest is 10, almost 11. We’ve just hit the teenage years, obviously. I’ve been through all the different stages up until the teen years of parenting.

And so I think this, like this motherhood experience that I have teamed with the naturopathic knowledge that I have. I guess makes me the practitioner that I am today in terms of naturopathy. I really love to share information that is easy to implement. Cringe at the advice I used to give to mums before I became a mum myself. Now I know that there was way too much In terms of expectations, that just was not realistic to be able to implement when you’re a mum, when you’re a busy mum. I also love traveling, I love the outdoors, I love the ocean and I love camping. You know, I really love those kind of roughing up off the beaten track type travel adventures.

I love sourcing local produce from farmers market. Which I do, almost every Saturday at my local farmers market shout out to the Willunga Farmers Market who just has the best produce around. I love cooking with that beautiful produce that I find at the farmers market. I’m a bit obsessed with online business as well because it allows me to have more impact with my knowledge and my message. And as I said, I’ll be sharing a bit more in depth about me and how I came to be doing what I’m doing here in Natural Super Kids in the next episode, so let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect in this podcast.

So here are my ideas and I am all about kind of going with the flow. So I would love your feedback in terms of any ideas that you have on episode subjects that you’d like me to share. Any ideas you have on guest experts you’d like me to get in and have a chat too on the podcast as well. But this is really all, gonna be all about ideas and inspiration to boost your kids health. And a lot of what I share is very much relevant to adult health as well. We hear this from our members that as they are improving their kids’ health and nutrition. Their own health and nutrition improves as well. So that’s a really good kind of positive side effect of working on our kids’ health.

I am aiming to share a different perspective on kids’ health and nutrition that then you might hear from your doctor or your medical specialist. I want to provide education on kids’ health and nutrition and I guess really, really hone in on the importance of our kids’ health and nutrition not just now in their everyday life and improving the quality of their life now, but setting them up for a healthy future as well. I’m going to be talking about all kinds of different topics, but some of my favourite topics to talk about our gut health, immunity, allergies and atopic conditions such as eczema and asthma and hay fever, mood, sleep and behavioral subjects for kids, fussy eating, and healthy lifestyle, parenting.

So these are some of the subjects we’re going to be talking about here on the Natural Super Kids Podcast. I’m going to be sharing stories from mums and experts about their own health challenges with their own children, and ways that they manage to overcome them because I think I know myself, I find stories very inspiring. And I think that’s fairly, you know, true across the board. I’m going to have the occasional chat with other kids’ health experts. And you know, definitely let me know if you have any ideas or anyone you’d love me to get on the show. I’m going to do some Ask the Naturopath episodes as well. I will answer one of our Klub members’ questions on here so that you can learn from my answer to their particular questions as well.

If you’re a Klub member listening, you will have the opportunity to submit a question that I will then answer in depth on the podcast. Another benefit of being a Natural Super Kids Klub member. I would love for you to subscribe to this podcast, of course, so that you get notifications when new episodes come out. We are going to be doing a weekly episode, and I would love for you to share this podcast with your friends. Any mum friends that you know, that struggle with a health, health issue in their kids, struggle with fussy eating in their kids. Or just want to take a preventative approach and you know, really want to make sure that their kids health and nutrition is as good as it can be.

This is just a short introductory episode. I also want to make sure that we are sharing implementable action steps in each episode as well. So we might go through you know a whole heap of information in an episode but at the end. Me or the guest will summarise with three action points that you can take action on immediately so that you don’t leave with a head full of ideas. You really know it’s clear what your next steps could be.

That’s it from me for this very first podcast episode. Thank you so much for listening. As I said, make sure you subscribe and share our podcast with your friends. Until next week!


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