Eczema workshop
5 Steps To Healing Your Child's Eczema Naturally
Target the cause + eliminate your child’s eczema once and for all.
It’s heartbreaking to watch your child struggling with eczema!

  • Not being able to do anything to relieve the itch.
  • Trying to work out the triggers.
  • Having to rely on steroids to keep it under control.
  • Nighttime waking & scratching fits you just can’t stop.
  • Irritability and moodiness caused by the itch.
  • The battle to put creams on.
  • Seeing them scratch until it bleeds 😢

1 in 4 children now experience eczema and our modern diet and lifestyle are major contributors. The secret to healing your child’s eczema lies in rebuilding and rebalancing their gut and immune system.
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Join me for this online workshop where you will learn:

  • How an internal approach to treating eczema can help you avoid harsh steroid creams.
  • The underlying drivers of eczema and what you can do to address them to eliminate your child's eczema once and for all.
  • Foods to include in the diet to reduce skin inflammation.
  • The most common food + environmental triggers that lead to eczema.
  • Skin care for your child's eczema.
  • My 5 step naturopathic action plan to heal your child's eczema.
I’m Jess! A qualified Naturopath who is passionate about helping families address the underlying causes of their kids' health conditions and symptoms. I have helped 100s of families navigate eczema and allergies and I want to share my approach with you!

Immediate access to our Eczema Workshop only $47

Thank you! We need this!
The eczema on my daughters legs, arms and face has disappeared. She now tolerates more foods and is back to being a happy girl
I’ve seen huge improvements in my children’s sleep, eczema, constipation & anxiety.
My 2 year old daughter’s eczema has cleared and she’s finally back to her happy self, sleeping well and enjoying life.
Plus Receive These Bonuses!
Food Intolerance Cheat Sheet
A comprehensive list of the top 6 food triggers of eczema with a list of

  • Foods to avoid for each trigger and
  • Recommended alternatives to include in the diet.
Food Elimination & Reintroduction Workshop
Don’t waste your precious time and energy trialling food eliminations the wrong way!
Learn the easiest way to eliminate and reintroduce trigger foods in your child’s diet for the best results!
Access To Naturopathic Supplements

During the workshop I share some of my favourite nutritional and herbal remedies for eczema. When you purchase this workshop you also get to access these products through us (after we ensure they are safe for your child of course).

Immediate access to our Eczema Workshop only $47!
Thank you! We need this!