If your life is anything like mine you don’t always get a chance to have a baking session to get prepared for lunchbox packing for the week ahead. Sometimes you need easy lunch ideas for kids.

These ideas are for those weeks you need some fast, convenient options you can pick up at the supermarket for your kids lunchboxes that are still healthy.

These easy lunch ideas for kids are my go to’s when life gets crazy.


Pure Harvest Rice Cakes

Ingredients – Organic brown rice, sea salt.

The key to choosing healthier options of rice cakes is generally to choose plain ones. These rice cakes only contain 2 ingredients and are organic too! You can top them with your kid’s favourite spreads or toppings such as cream cheese, avocado or nut butters for a healthy morning snack or an easy lunch idea.


Eat Rite Tamari Seaweed rice crackers

Ingredients – Brown rice, soy (water, soybean, salt), seaweed.

The problem with the popular small crunchy rice crackers is they are often flavoured with nasties and contain vegetable oils. Read more about why vegetable oils are a problem here.  These Eat Rite rice cracker contains neither. You will find these tasty rice crackers in the health food aisle of the supermarket.


Finn Crisps

Ingredients: Wholegrain rye flour, water, salt and yeast.

These are my personal favourite crackers! They are thin and crispy with a nutty flavour from the rye. Rye is a highly nutritious grain and is high in fibre. These crackers are a winner in my book because they contain just a few simple ingredients and are free from inflammatory omega 6 vegetable oils.


Mountain Bread

Ingredients: Rye Wholemeal Flour (70%), Wheat Flour (flour, folate, thiamin), Filtered Water, Iodised Salt.

Mountain bread comes in quite a few different variety’s with rye and spelt being my favourites. They can be used as wraps and also as an alternative to pastry to make quiches, sausage rolls etc. Again they contain just a few simple ingredients and are free from flavourings and vegetable oils. I use 2 together as a wrap as they rip easily.

Coles popcorn

Ingredients: Popcorn, coconut oil and salt

I prefer to buy my own organic popping corn and pop it myself in coconut oil but this is an easy back up for busy weeks. As far as kids packaged snacks go this is not a bad choice at all. It is the only popcorn I have seen that uses coconut oil rather than vegetable oil.


Munch pumpkin seed

Ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Rice Malt, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Sea Salt.

These are my fall back when I haven’t had time to make bliss balls. They are nut free and the kids love them. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc which is great for immunity and healing. Although they contain a little sugar it is unrefined and there are no artificial nasties. They are a much better choice than any muesli bar I have seen.


Emma and toms

Ingredients:  Dates, raw cashews, raisins, cacao powder, cold pressed orange oil.

These delicious wholefood bars are gluten, dairy, egg and refined sugar-free. They contain similar ingredients that I would use to make my own bars at home so are a great backup option for busy weeks.


Paris Creek Natural Yoghurt

Ingredients: Biodynamic Whole Milk, Probiotic Cultures.

Popular squeezie yoghurt pouches are full of sugar, terrible for the environment and expensive so I prefer to buy a plain organic yoghurt and put some in a container with some fresh fruit and a sprinkling of seeds, oats or buckwheat. This makes a quick, easy morning snack.


Tinned wild caught salmon

Ingredients: Pink salmon, salt.

This tinned salmon is wild caught and certified to the Marine Stewardship Council’s environmental standard for a well managed and sustainable fishery. I choose salmon over tuna because it is richer in omega 3’s and a more sustainable choice. Add it to a wrap or make a salmon dip with some rice crackers. The bones in tinned salmon are a terrific source of calcium too.


Free Range Eggs

Ingredients: Free range eggs

I talk about the importance of including protein in kids lunchboxes here and the humble egg is one of the easiest and best ways to include more protein in your kids diets. Choose the best quality free range eggs you can. You can make lunchbox bites, quiches, frittatas, wraps or simply include whole boiled eggs in your kids lunchboxes.

It’s one thing to know what to pack in a healthy lunchbox and another thing all together to get organised to pack a healthy lunchbox for your kids everyday!

Want my 3 organisation Hacks to help you pack your kids a healthy lunchbox quickly and easily?

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