Does My Child Need Supplements for a Healthy Immune System

Do our children need supplements for a healthy immune system? This is a complex question with no black-or-white answer. The answer depends on many factors influenced by the Western lifestyle, which determine the need for supplements so that the immune system functions well. 

In this episode, we’ll explore various factors that can be detrimental to our children’s immune health and discuss the potential benefits of incorporating supplements into their diet.

I will discuss:

  • How specific contributing factors negatively impact our children’s immune system:
    • Poor dietary choices;
    • Lack of diversity in the diet;
    • Low intake of fruits and vegetables;
    • Reduced exposure to the natural environment;
    • Increased stress levels;
    • Environmental toxins.
  • The implications of modern farming techniques on our children’s immune health:
    • Pesticide exposure;
    • Reduction in the diversity of food available;
    • Soil depletion and nutrient loss;
    • Antibiotic use in livestock.
  • The specific nutrients that may be beneficial for your little one’s immune system and discuss the potential benefits of supplementing these nutrients.

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