Podcast-Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves With Kasey Edwards

We are thrilled to have Kasey Edwards back on our podcast for this episode. Kasey is widely recognised for her best-selling books, including the highly acclaimed Raising Girls Who Like Themselves. She is a regular contributor to prestigious publications such as The Huffington Post, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, The Herald Sun, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Guardian, among others.

In this episode, Kasey joins us to discuss her latest co-authored book with her husband Christopher, titled Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves. Drawing from their experiences as both authors and parents, Kasey Edwards and Christopher Scanlon dive deep into the challenge of fostering boys’ self-esteem.

In this chat, Kasey and I talked about the seven pillars that parents can focus on to support their sons’ journey to self-acceptance:

  • Strength of Character;
  • Power of Perspective;
  • Body Confidence;
  • Balance;
  • Mastery and Independence;
  • Strong Relationships;
  • Freedom to be themselves.

To learn more about Kasey Edwards and purchase your copy of Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves, visit her website.

Additionally, we have prepared a selection of free resources to assist you in building your boy’s foundation. Get your free resources to help you in bringing up your boy to like himself HERE.

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