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Why We Love Zinc For Kids + The Best Way To Boost Their Levels

If we could pick one mineral when it comes to children’s health, it would have to be zinc. There are countless benefits of zinc for kids – and for adults too! Unfortunately, zinc deficiency is all too common in kids these days. This can contribute to a variety of health conditions and symptoms. Watch the…

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Magnesium For Kids – The Magic Mineral For Sleep And Mood

Could your child be low in magnesium? When it comes to magnesium for kids, there are so many benefits – particularly for their sleep and mood. But when magnesium levels are low, symptoms can start to pop up. If you’ve ever been curious about why magnesium is so important for kids health or how to…

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Calcium For Kids – Easy Ways To Boost Their Intake

Is your child getting enough calcium in their diet? The recommended intake of calcium for kids is much higher than what many parents realise. If your child is eating a varied diet with plenty of wholefoods, it might not be a concern. But if there are any fussy eating tendencies, or if they are dairy-free,…

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Low Iron In Children – How To Boost Their Levels

Low iron in children is more common than you might think. Many kids have low iron stores, or they may struggle to build their iron levels up. Iron deficiency is something we see a lot here at Natural Super Kids – whether we spot it in their presenting symptoms, or it’s the primary reason that…

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The Hidden Signs Of Gut Imbalance In Your Kids

Could your child have an unhappy gut? A gut imbalance can do more than give kids tummy pain. It can cause a variety of symptoms throughout the body – including many you may not even think of when it comes to gut health. Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more about the…

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How Learning Difficulties Can Begin In The Gut

Does your child have learning difficulties? Issues such as dyslexia, inability to concentrate and conditions like ADHD are increasingly common in kids. One commonly overlooked link to brain function and learning is gut health. By addressing this link and improving gut health, you may be able to relieve and even correct some learning difficulties. Watch…

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Can A Healthy Happy Gut Improve How Children Sleep?

Have you ever noticed your children sleep poorly when they’ve got a sore tummy? Or maybe their sleep has improved when you’ve changed their diet? There is a two-way link between gut health and sleep. This is particularly true when it comes to our kids. By improving gut health, we can encourage our children to…

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Meet Our Amazing Online Naturopath & Wholefood Chef

Here at Natural Super Kids, we have a growing team of health practitioners ready to support you. One of our practitioners, Susan, is an amazing online naturopath, nutritionist and wholefood chef. Susan’s additional studies and qualifications have given her a unique approach to working with mums and kids. If you’re looking for great tips and…

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The SOS Approach To Feeding Fussy Eaters

Are you dealing with a fussy or problem eater at home? The SOS approach to feeding might be the solution you’re looking for. This evidence-based approach takes a holistic approach to your child’s feeding habits. Our newest team member, Hayley Heaney, is a registered nutritionist and feeding therapist who utilises the SOS approach to help children…

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight As A Mum? 5 Reasons Why

‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ After a long winter combined with lockdown, many mums are realising they’ve put on at least a couple of kilos. But the last thing you want to do is jump back on the diet bandwagon of restricting what you eat and exercising religiously for a few weeks, only to quit.…

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