A Case Study on Resolving Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils in Children Naturally with Sarah Worboys

Welcome back to the Natural Super Kids podcast! In this episode, we have a special guest, Sarah Worboys, a naturopath from the NSK team. Sarah has previously appeared in Episode 33 and Episode 66, sharing her insights and expertise.

Today, she presents a fascinating case study of a client dealing with enlarged tonsils and adenoids. We thought the case study is a good follow-up to our podcast episode on tonsils and adenoids as it will give you insights and information on results and treatment time.

In this podcast episode, Sarah highlights the importance of understanding the underlying causes of chronic inflammation and its impact on children’s health and well-being. 

During the chat, Sarah and I discussed:

  • The relationship between chronic inflammation and enlarged tonsils and adenoids;
  • The drivers of chronic inflammation:
    • Environmental factors;
    • Diet;
    • Gut issues;
    • History of antibiotic use;
    • Imbalance of omega-6s to omega-3s;
    • Poor sleep;
    • Sleep apnea.
  • The effects of chronic congestion;
  • The case of “Anna”, a 10-year-old girl from Tasmania, with the following signs and symptoms:
    • Monthly sore throats and colds;
    • Nasal congestion and bloody noses;
    • Picky eating;
    • Low ferritin levels;
    • Mouth breathing;
    • Daytime fatigue;
    • Dark circles under the eyes;
  • The treatment plan Sarah developed for Anna and its treatment goals:
    • Dietary modifications;
    • Specific herbs;
    • Nutrients;
    • Probiotics.
  • The results six weeks after implementing the treatment plan;
  • The benefits of working with a practitioner towards improving your child’s health;
  • The realistic expectations for parents looking to have their kids treated for chronic inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids. 

For concerned mums seeking alternatives to surgery for their child’s enlarged tonsils and adenoids, a consultation with Sarah can be the ideal solution. With personalised care as her priority, Sarah is dedicated to helping children thrive naturally. Book a consultation with Sarah TODAY!

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